Graduating with Honors: Marianne Miller, Accounting and Tax Specialist

Published on February 12, 2015 by arothstein

By Amanda Black, Administrative Assistant

Graduate Marianne Miller and Program Chair Heather Broberg

At Broadview University-Orem, participation in commencement is one of the greatest moments for the faculty and staff. Commencement is when all the hard work and dreams of students are finally realized and achieved. This was truly the case for accounting and tax specialist student Marianne Miller.

A Utah County native, Marianne Miller lived in Sacramento, CA for ten years with her husband and two children before returning to Utah to care for her mother whose health was failing. Marianne began her career opportunities in retail where she worked in for 20 years before working for Smith’s Marketplace and at Timpanogos Regional Hospital in the delivery room. Between the two jobs, she only had two days off a month and very little time to herself. She was wearing down. One day a friend at the hospital mentioned that her husband was starting up a company and that Marianne should apply for a position. She was the second person hired on at ZYTO. She had never worked in an accounting field before but was quick to learn. Being very detail oriented, she quickly grasp the needs of the company and learned how to manage the books.

After a divorce left her on her own, she began to contemplate returning to school so that she could become more self-sufficient. Her employer encouraged her to study accounting so that she would have the required education to be promoted within the company. Broadview University-Orem was a great fit for Marianne because of its close location to both work and home, and because it was geared toward students who worked full-time jobs.

Going to school was not easy for Marianne. She lived alone, so her time was filled with work, school, and homework. She spent many long evenings studying at her kitchen table, with her Cocker Spaniel, Tag, for company. The support of her program chair, Heather Broberg, helped her keep going, as well as the staff at Broadview University and her family. She was also driven by a desire to graduate with honors. At the Fall 2014 commencement ceremony, Marianne reached her goal and received the only honors award of her graduating class. She also received the “Graduate of the Quarter” award, which she was surprised and grateful to receive. “I had a lot of people supporting me that I didn’t realize until I was getting ready to graduate,” she said. “It made me realize how grateful I was for everyone.”

Since graduation, Marianne has received the promotion that she was working toward and she hopes to continue to progress within the company. She has now held nearly every position within ZYTO and continues to enjoy working there. “Broadview has helped me to reach promotions and advancement within ZYTO, as well as has given me the skills and knowledge I needed to fulfill my positions there.”

For students who are interested in studying accounting, Marianne gives some great advice that helped her. “You have to be organized and enjoy doing the same tasks over and over. Keep pushing through the work, even when you are frustrated and it doesn’t make sense. One day it will click and you will realize why you are doing a process a certain way and why you need to follow the general accounting principles. Don’t give up!”

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