The Crazy Cat Lady: Vet Tech Student Volunteers at the Utah Humane Society

Published on February 12, 2015 by arothstein

By Amanda Black

At Broadview University, Global Citizenship is a class designed to help students gain a better appreciation and understanding for the communities they live in as well as their global community. To help students apply what they have learned in the class to their communities, each student is required to complete a service-learning project as an individual or in a group. Brandi Horner, veterinary

Brandi Horner

technology student in Brent Clark’s Global Citizenship class, took the idea of serving her community to heart. She decided to make her community full of long, furry tails, and whiskers.

Like many Utah residents, Brandi has traveled passed the Humane Society of Utah’s large electric billboard on her way to Salt Lake hundreds of times. Pictures of dogs, cats, and rabbits can be frequently seen calling out to the drivers to stop and adopt. Brandi decided that the service-learning project would give her the opportunity to learn what the Humane Society is all about. “I chose the Humane Society because it was more hands-on than the shelter,” she said, “I also liked that is was a ‘no-kill’ shelter.”

According the Humane Society of Utah website, “Since 1960, the Humane Society of Utah has been sheltering abandoned animals, fighting cruelty and neglect, and creating an environment of respect, responsibility, and compassion for all animals across our state.” They accomplish these goals mainly through the work of volunteers. Volunteers assist at different events across the state helping to create awareness in the community as well as working directly with the animals located at the Humane Society of Utah. Brandi was excited to become a volunteer and to help the animals she worked with become more adoptable.

Brandi loves cats, and was happy to help in “Kitty City.” She spent much of her volunteer time socializing the cats and making cage cards to help others get to know the cats better. “I’m like the crazy cat lady,” she replied when asked about her favorite part of volunteering. “I just loved to sit on the floor and hang out with them [the cats].” One cat in particular that she worked with, was suffering from the loss of her owner who had passed away. She remained in her kennel and refused to come out and join the other cats. Brandi enjoyed just sitting with her.

One of the biggest things that stood out to Brandi while she was there was the need for even more volunteers. “If you are interested in enriching the lives of animals and you feel comfortable taking the initiative, I highly recommend going up there. The people and animals are awesome!”

Even though her service-learning project is finished, Brandi still goes up to volunteer when she gets the chance. It is something she plans on doing for a long time

For information on how you can volunteer visit:


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