Why give blood?

Published on February 18, 2015 by arothstein

medical assistant program

American Red Cross bloodmobile at Broadview University-Bosie

When asked at a recent American Red Cross blood drive, Broadview University-Boise students and staff members responded in different ways.

“It makes me feel good,” said Amanda Hopkins, a veterinary technology student. “My whole family has donated in the past, and my sister ran blood drives.”

Holly Morss, a veterinary program chair, asked, “Why wouldn’t someone donate blood if they could?”

Medical assistant student Christine Dillree said, “I used to donate all the time because the place that I used to work at had regular blood drives. I love this because it’s accessible; I would do it more often if it was this easy.”

Others acknowledged how their donation would help others.

“I always give blood because it is something anyone can do to give back,” said Cynthianna Hamrick, a financial aid manager. “I also have read that it’s better for patients to receive blood with the same type as them so if someone could benefit from mine, why wouldn’t I help them?”

veterinary technology program

Amanda Hopkins, a veterinary technology student, giving blood

Director of Career Services Jon Taylor agreed. “As a viable donor, I feel it is my responsibility to help others in need,” he said. “I know a lot of people who can’t donate.”

Anna Braden, a medical assistant program chair, thought that her Type 2 Diabetes would prevent her from being a donor, but for the first time, she was able to give blood.

Theresa Rodie, an American Red Cross staff person, explained that Anna was able to donate because she had her diabetes under control.

In addition to being a first time blood donor, it was also the first time that Anna organized the blood drive for the Broadview University-Boise Campus.

“It’s awesome to have the students and staff excited to give blood and have people sign-up without an incentive,” said Anna. “It’s an automatic thing; they sign up and that’s that.”

At the end of the drive, eighteen people had donated their blood. Theresa described how their contributions would impact others.

“Giving blood saves lives,” said Theresa. “One to three lives are saved with every pint.”

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