Fourth Graders Share Idaho History at Broadview University

Published on March 5, 2015 by arothstein

Idaho Day

Fourth grade projects from Peregrine Elementary

As a fourth grader, did you learn about Idaho?

For the students, staff, and faculty at Broadview University-Boise, Idaho Day gave them the opportunity to see Idaho projects done by Peregrine Elementary School fourth graders in Randy Hawkins’ class. The fourth graders loaned their projects to be displayed in the Broadview University-Boise Library.

“It’s a fun opportunity for kids to share what they learned,” said Melissa Hawkins, a dean of education at Broadview University, who came up with the idea. “They were excited to have their projects displayed in a university library.”

The projects included posters with the fourth graders’ artwork on state symbols and emblems, dioramas of frontier life, and QR codes that, when scanned with mobile devices, took people to additional information that the fourth graders had gathered or videos that they had made.

“They are just little pop-ups of information,” said Jennifer Campbell, a criminal justice student, after scanning a few QR codes with her iPad.

Idaho Day

Pamela Blessinger, a coding and billing instructor, watches Tomorrow Thomas, a medical assistant student, scan a QR code with her phone

Tomorrow Thomas, a medical assistant student, scanned a code with her phone and found a video about Native Americans that she watched with Pamela Blessinger, a coding and billing instructor.

Pamela was so impressed with the Peregrine students’ efforts that she wrote “Awesome trailer! Very entertaining! Watch it now!” on a post-it note and put it on the poster so others would scan the code and see the video.

Campus librarian Carrie Tannehill was glad to see students, staff, and faculty come in the library’s doors to view the projects and scan their QR codes. “I am happy that the Peregrine Elementary students lent us their projects so we could enjoy them. It was a great way to celebrate Idaho Day.”

The projects also encouraged Broadview University-Boise staff, students, and faculty to reminisce about similar projects that they did when they were in fourth grade.

“We built our own wagon from construction paper and cardboard,” said Cynthia Rivera, a massage therapy student.

“Fourth grade – those were the days,” said Director of Career Services Jonathan Taylor. “I miss doing projects like this.”

“It was pretty neat what they did,” said Julie Reed, a business administration student.

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