LibraryConnect: Broadview University’s Valuable Resource

Published on March 5, 2015 by arothstein

Broadview University West Jordan students, like all of the other students in the Globe University Network of schools, have an awesome option for finding information. It’s free, has articles and videos you can’t find in regular Google search, and stays available to students for up to one year after they graduate. It’s the online library, LibraryConnect!

LibraryConnect is home to over 50 databases that have millions of articles and encyclopedia articles available to students. Over 10,000 eBooks are available as well. The Resources page is a great way to find guides to all of the major resources in the library, as well as a video giving you a tour of LibraryConnect.

The heart of LibraryConnect is the Guides link. There are seventy-seven guides in LibraryConnect, which include guides for every program that Broadview University West Jordan students take as well as major General Education subjects like Biology, Writing, Career Development, and Psychology. Once you click on a guide – such as the Veterinary Technology guide – you can find videos, recommended library books and eBooks, recommended apps, and website links. The most important part of each guide is under the “Articles and Databases” tab. Broadview students can find the databases that are specific to their program. For Vet Tech students, these would include JAVMA.

LibraryConnect offers other resources to make the research process more understandable to students. Philosoraptor is a game that shows you how to avoid plagiarism in your research, and Robocite helps you learn more about the APA citations that are an integral part of this. LibraryConnect offers an APA guide with different examples of how to cite your sources.

Those interested in more advanced research options can use Journal Search to help them find a specific article for which they have a citation, or go to an individual database in the Databases A-Z link if they know which database to use. On the other hand, if you’re new to LibraryConnect and unsure where to go, use the Chat box or one of the other ways to Ask a Librarian how to find the information that you need.

LibraryConnect reflects Broadview University’s commitment to offering their students the best education. We support our students every step of the way as they learn new knowledge, skills, and experiences to help them launch productive new careers. Speak to an Admissions Representative today about what we can offer you.

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