New Vet Tech Instructor: “Never Stop Learning”

Published on March 9, 2015 by arothstein

Recently, I had a chance to interview Mike Poulson, Broadview University – West Jordan’s new instructor for veterinary technology.

Tell us about yourself:

I received a BS in Agriculture from The University of Kentucky in 1995. I majored in Agribusiness Management and minored in Animal Science.

My freshman year of college I was a Pre-Vet major and was actively working for a mixed animal (large and small animals) for a veterinarian in Idaho. I went back home to Florida in hopes of entering Veterinary School at The University of Florida. The plan was to complete my schooling and then return back to Idaho to become partners for the veterinarian that I started out with as a freshman. After returning home I received a disturbing phone call that the veterinarian was working with had been in a horrible accident and was retiring his practice. I was devastated over the news and decided that I needed to go in another direction in school.

I finished my BS from The University of Kentucky and decided I wanted to move back out west to the mountains and trout streams. After working for several years, I decided I wanted to return back to school and go into the Veterinary Medical field, which was my first love. I researched several schools in the western United States and one day up popped an advertisement for Utah Career College in West Jordan, UT. I inquired about the program and because I knew what I wanted, I was very specific in what I wanted from a school. I wanted to go through the Veterinary Technology program and using my background in business I could manage a multi-doctor, multi-species practice. I went into the program wanting to know everything about the field and what it had to offer. I pushed myself and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

At this time I did not think as myself as an instructor. I was asked to work in the veterinary technology program while I was going through the school. I guess my instructors thought there was something there inside of me burning to get out.

I have been teaching for Utah Career College/Broadview University for 6 years. I recently transferred to the BVU – West Jordan campus from the Layton campus. During this time, I have also completed an MBA from Broadview University Online.

I was a CVT in Colorado. I have worked for two mixed animal practices and one small animal practice.

I love to go fly fishing, but I never get a chance to go very often.

How long have you been a veterinary technician?

I have been one for almost 11 years.

Why did you decide to teach at Broadview University?

I wanted to enrich the lives of veterinary technician students and impart the knowledge necessary to thrive in this field. I take my job very seriously, because we have the lives of our patient in our hands.

What do you enjoy about teaching vet tech classes?

I enjoy taking the student that does not think they can do something and see the light bulb go off to the fact that they can do anything they put their mind too. I want to mold students into becoming the best veterinary technicians that they can become.

What qualities make someone a good veterinary technician?

Several qualities come to mind when I think about what makes a good veterinary technician:

What advice can you give to students about completing their degree?

The best advice I can give is to make a goal to finish your degree and never stop learning. It is important to have a degree behind you in whichever field of study you decide. Always remember that the instructor at Broadview University care about you and it is our goal to teach you want you need to know to be successful in your career. A degree will prove to people that you were willing to hang in there when times get rough and you wanted to quit, but you stuck it out and finished your goal at hand.

If you’re interested in learning more about our programs, talk to an admission’s counselor today!

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