A First Quarter Applied Learning Project

Published on March 24, 2015 by arothstein

For veterinary technology students Rachel Evanovich, Savanna Fernandez, Ashley Halverson, Krystin Longchamps, Lucas Noon-Ekman, Taylor Parker, and Pamela Vincent, their first applied learning project during their first quarter at Broadview University-Boise gave them the opportunity to groom, trim nails, and clean the ears of five dogs and one cat for residents at Mercy Housing 12th & River Senior Apartments.

Their visit occurred toward the culmination of their introduction to veterinary technology class. In addition to applying the nail trimming, grooming, and ear cleaning techniques that they learned in class, the visit also gave them professional experience interacting with the dogs’ and cat’s owners.

veterinary technology program

Rachel holds a resident’s dog while Lucas cleans its ears

Ashley described the residents’ reactions to their visit. “People were happy and appreciative.”

Fellow classmate Pamela added, “It was a good experience.”

Besides using veterinary techniques, the applied learning project gave the students the opportunity to handle situations that they may encounter as future veterinary technicians.

“Some of the animals were nervous,” mentioned Rachel.

One of the dogs sensed that its owner was nervous so it was challenge for the students to keep it calm while they completed their procedures even though the dog wanted to be back with its owner. Other animals, though, were more relaxed when the students held them.

“It was rough having the owners watching them,” explained Jessica Weddle, the students’ veterinary technology instructor.

Although their visit was challenging at times, the veterinary technology students desired to do more applied learning projects in the future.

“It was good practice,” said Ashley. “We need more. One guy wanted us to come back and bathe his dog.”

As Rachel, Savanna, Ashley, Krystin, Lucas, Taylor, and Pamela complete the veterinary technology program at Broadview University-Boise, their knowledge of animals and their skills in veterinary techniques will grow as they have more practical hands-on experience caring for animals whether they be on campus or in places in the community like Mercy Housing Apartments.

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