Here at Broadview University the classroom becomes the real world

Published on April 1, 2015 by arothstein

For a student going through the medical program a good majority of their learning experience is theory and practicum. While this type of learning is beneficial for the student it is lacking in “real world” application. To bridge this learning gap, students at Broadview University have the pleasure of either a field trip or guest speaker, or both, every quarter. Over the past quarter, the medical assistant students at the Broadview University-Orem campus have taken part in several “real world” experiences.

The students in the Microbiology and Urinalysis class were able to experience what can happen when a patient’s kidneys fail to work. This class took a field trip to the University of Utah Dialysis Center in Provo. During this trip the students had the ability to see what a hemodialysis looks like and how it works. The students also took a behind the scenes tour to learn how the machines function and about the different chemicals that are used. During this trip the students learned about the process the patients go through when they arrive for their dialysis treatment. This field trip allowed the students to see the importance of taking care of their kidneys and the difficulty patients go through during the dialysis process.

The students in the Pharmacology class met with the Utah County Health Department for a presentation on immunizations. The presentation included information on the many vaccines that are required for children. The Health Department went through every immunization in great detail and their purposes. The presentation also included the different contraindications of the immunizations, and the general rules of timing and spacing vaccine doses. The health department explained to the students the importance of the schedule and how to read it. In addition, the health department discussed the required rules on storing the vaccines. The students left the presentation with a greater understanding of immunization protocols.

Broadview in the community

Broadview in the community

The students in Patient Care Science II had a presentation from Shawn of the Red Cross on the resources they have available. This presentation demonstrated to the students the different resources offered. This allowed the students to understand what resources they can refer to their patients.  Shawn explained that the Red Cross offers several benefits to the general public and to military personnel, including creating disaster plans and help during natural disasters.

This quarter at Broadview University-Orem has been jam packed with exciting field trips and guest speakers. Each event has enriched the students’ understanding of how their classroom learning applies in the real world.

Our guest writer is Melissa Urquhart the program chair for the medical assisting program at the Broadview University-Orem campus.

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