Broadview University’s Tutoring Program

Published on April 9, 2015 by arothstein

We’ve just finished start week at Broadview University. It gave our students a chance to discover what knowledge and skills they’ll gain in their new classes this quarter. Our new students also got a feel for being a student at Broadview University – our instructors, classrooms, and services. Plus, there were yummy treats in the ARC all week!


Crystal is here to help, so don’t forget to ask!

However, the ARC – Academic Resource Center – also offers valuable assistance to students as they work through their classes. This week, I’d like to highlight one of the services the ARC offers – the opportunity to sign up for tutoring there.

Tutoring is not a sign of weakness. It’s like getting an academic counselor or trainer, to help you learn everything you need to know from the class and get the most value from it. And as you find that you understand more about the subject, it can help you build the confidence you need to get through other tough classes in college. It’s best to sign up for tutoring early in the quarter, if you feel like you need it – they can help you understand the foundational concepts and skills before the class starts building on them to more advanced topics. It also helps you get the highest possible grade for the class.

How does tutoring at Broadview University work? Generally, tutors will be among our Program Chairs, teachers, and staff. Everybody who tutors has expertise in the subject. They understand it and can help students understand it as well. At times, we’ve arranged for tutors to work with students through our video uplink, so people in different locations can interact with each other. Tutors help you with your assignments in class, but they don’t just feed you the answers. Instead, they help you understand what the assignment is about.

If you’re a Broadview University student who’s interested in getting tutoring for a class this quarter, please contact your program chair or Student Services. We want you to have the best possible experience as you work towards your new career, and we are happy to help you find the assistance that you need.

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