Pairing Flotation and Massage Therapy

Published on April 13, 2015 by arothstein

Kerrie Jannelle, a massage therapy program chair at Broadview University-Boise, recently took two students from her integrative case study analysis class: Krystal Wall and Katelyn Porter to tour the flotation center Drop of Calm.

“I came here to see if it was a possible internship site,” explained Kerrie. “I tried it myself as a client, and it was bliss.”

Owner Caleb Fawkes described the floating process to Kerrie, Krystal, and Katelyn.

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Caleb Fawkes shows a flotation tank to massage therapy students

“It’s a pod, with ten inches of water, and contains Epson salt,” said Caleb. “As you’re drifting in a warm space, you don’t feel. You just relax, and every joint spreads.”

He mentioned the physical benefits of floating. “The magnesium from salt aids digestion and relaxes muscles,” said Caleb. “I have arthritis, and since I float regularly, I don’t have to take any pills.”

Kerrie thought that visiting Drop of Calm would be good way to introduce massage alternatives to her students and their clients.

To Katelyn and Krystal, she said, “If you have clients that could not have touch, you could send them to a flotation center or acupuncturist to get relief until they were ready for massage therapy.”

Kerrie asked Caleb if floating could be paired with massage. He replied, “If you are able, I would recommend doing it.”

Krystal, a massage therapy student, thought she would have a flotation tank in the future.

“I would definitely use it for my clients and myself,” she said. “I’d incorporate it in my business.”

During the tour, Caleb also gave Kerrie, Krystal, and Katelyn insight into his business practices.

“I have two different types of tanks to give both companies a nod,” said Caleb. “And, some customers prefer one over the other.”

He explained why Drop of Calm has a small retail space. “I want everyone to be able to float” said Caleb. “The energy drinks and supplements that I sell help keep the cost of floating down to those who may want to try it.”

Kerrie was impressed that Caleb had included this aspect in his business “There’s usually retail in spas, but most massage therapists do services and don’t think of selling products.”

And, the tour did give Katelyn and Krystal a better understanding of floating. “I had never heard anything about it before,” said Katelyn, a massage therapy student.

“It was pretty cool,” said Krystal.

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