Broadview University’s Program Advisory Committee-A Key to Student Success

Published on May 20, 2015 by arothstein

Every Year in April, Broadview University-Orem has the pleasure of bringing together our partners in industry for an evening of dinner and learning. The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of men and women who currently work in the field in which they advise, and we have found that their input is invaluable when it comes to building our programs and readying our students for the workforce.

“It is critical to get the advice of our industry partners to ensure our students get the best education possible.  It is not simply teaching them theory, but helping them learn what the ‘industry’ needs to be successful,” said Bob Trewartha, Business program chair.


Veterinary Technology PAC

Nearly all of our programs had representatives and advisors attend, and those who were unable to make it for the official meeting were visited by the program chairs and given the opportunity to advise at a time that was more convenient for them.  As it was, we had a full room with approximately 40 people in attendance.

Dinner was a soup, salad, and breadstick spread from Olive Garden with lemon chess squares for dessert. After the meal, each department split up with the members of their PAC committee and found a quiet room to discuss the program, what was working well, and ways to improve. In attendance were several current and past students who are working in their fields of study. It is great to have their input and to have them provide feedback to help other students be prepared for future jobs.

A big highlight of the evening was the appearance of the Golden Eagle from Great Basin Wildlife Rescue, one of Broadview University-Orem’s community partners. The eagle, who has become somewhat of a mascot for Broadview University, was kept in a separate room until after the dining was finished. He was then brought out on the arm of his trainer for all to admire. For those who it was their first time, or even their fourth time, seeing the eagle leaves an impression that is not soon forgotten.

Great Basin Wildlife Rescue Golden Eagle Appearance

Great Basin Wildlife Rescue Golden Eagle Appearance

All in all the evening was a huge success, and our program chairs are ready to go another year preparing their students to make a difference in the business world. A big thank you to all of our PAC members for supporting our students and helping to provide quality feedback to our program chairs.

If you are interested in joining the program advisory committee at Broadview University-Orem, please call 801-822-5800. This blog was written by the amazing Amanda Black.

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