Broadview’s Brittny Oxford Tells us what Career Services can do for you

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When most people think about who they will interact with at school, they usually think about their teachers.  Students might not realize, though, the wonderful opportunities they have to work with a Career Services Director.  At the Layton campus of Broadview University, Brittny Oxford is here to offer her services and expertise to incoming and current students and alumni.  She was kind enough to answer some questions for us about what Career Services is all about.

Layton's Career Services Representative Brittny Oxford

Layton’s Career Services Representative Brittny Oxford

Why do you think Career Services is so important for our students?

Most of our students, or any college students for that matter, do not realize that their career journey starts the day they enroll in school. They think that it starts at graduation, but the courses they take, their interactions with their instructors and classmates, their opportunities to meet with community members and work with those community members all play into their career journey. I start helping them at New Student Orientation. I talk about those that might need to find a job (any job) while in school. I talk about those that might want to change jobs while in school. I talk about how their course selections and professional attitude in the classroom will lead to a job in the future. We start from day one of week one of quarter one, not day one of week one of their final quarter.

What can Career Services offer?

I can help with anything related to the hiring process. I can help with everything from their portfolios (resume, cover letters, reference sheet, etc.) to what to wear to an interview, or even how to answer interview questions effectively. I can help with how to effectively search for positions and how to apply if needed. As well as after students have been hired I can help with how to negotiate salary, or give information on where to get continuing education classes. Any part of maintaining or starting a career that they need help with, I will try and assist.

What should a student bring with them when they come to a career services appointment?

Biggest thing to remember to bring their resumes. If they don’t have a resume, then bring information on their work and education history. Also, students have to start thinking of what their dream job is. Start thinking of what they want from their careers besides a paycheck. All this information helps me make sure we’re preparing the student to be successful from the start.

When should students come see you?

Students should come see me the day they enroll in school. The more I know about students and what they want out of their careers the more I’ll be able to help. This also allows me to help students try and find employment while they’re in school if they so wish. I need open lines of communication from the start so we can work together to get their career started in the right direction.

Like Brittny says, don’t wait to come to Career Services.  Make the most of your education and get the career you’ve always wanted.


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