Spa Day Combines Vet Tech Expertise

Published on June 9, 2015 by arothstein

Veterinary technology students from Broadview University-Boise recently provided a spa day to dogs at the Meridian Valley Humane Society.

“It was fun, hands-on experience,” said Sarah Daniel, a veterinary technology student.

broadview university veterinary technology program

Dentistry and clinical practices students examine a dog.

Casey Blizzard, a dentistry and clinical practices instructor, envisioned the spa day as an opportunity for her students to apply what they learned in tandem with the students from Heather Williams’ introduction to veterinary technology class.

“It made sense because mine was advanced grooming, and Heather’s class was beginning grooming,” said Casey. “I think that it worked well.”

The seven dogs at the Meridian Valley Humane Society first had their teeth examined by students in Casey’s class.

“We identified different things that need fixing,” said Brian Swartz, a dentistry and clinical practices student.

Then the dogs received a bath and had their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and adrenal glands checked by Heather’s students.

“It was nice that there was not so many dogs,” said Heather. “Every animal was given a thorough going-over.”

broadview university veterinary technology program

Introduction to veterinary technology students bathe a dog

“Most animals did great,” added Casey, “but some were scared of water.”

Beth Nichols, a student in Heather’s class, agreed, “A couple were not very cooperative.”

Fellow classmate Sarah explained how they cared for these animals. “We took our time,” she said. “If they were not having it, we skipped it and moved on.”

In addition to practicing the skills that they learned from their respective classes, the spa day also gave the veterinary technology students to opportunity share their expertise with each other.

“Working with the underclassmen was a great experience,” said Brian. “We got to know them better, they could learn from us, and we asked how they liked the program.”

Sarah said, “It was nice to interact with the seniors from the other class and what we doing was a good review for them.”

The Meridian Valley Humane Society appreciated the students’ combined efforts and posted the following on their Facebook page. “We are grateful for the students’ work that has made our dogs look even more adorable.”

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