4th Street Clinic- Doing good for the homeless population

Published on June 10, 2015 by arothstein


In the state of Utah alone there are 16,522 homeless people. This number is not limited to only single people but families as well. Homeless families make up 40% of this number. For this group of the population, healthcare is not a luxury that is enjoyed. The 4th Street Clinic is seeking out to change this, by providing healthcare for a much-needed demographic population in the Salt Lake City Area.

CEO of 4th Street Clinic Laura Michalski came to Utah to be an active advocate for the homeless population. Michalski goal was to create a clinic to provide high-quality healthcare for the homeless and low-income patients. 4th Street Clinic provides medical care to 4,200 homeless men, women, and children. This clinic employees 50 staff members and more than 150 volunteers. 4th Street Clinic is always seeking out volunteers to help out in several aspect of their clinic. The average demographic of patients seen annual is made up of 88% of people ages 22-64. 4th Street demographics includes 49% of people who are living in some homeless shelter, 19% of people come from the streets, 94% of the people seen in this clinic are far below the poverty level.

The 4th Street Clinic provides many different types of services. These services include medical, dental, preventive care, and pharmacy services. The clinic also provides several educational classes including mental health, consulting, substance abuse, and diabetic education classes.


This quarter, Britney Bambace a medical assisting student from the Broadview University-Orem campus has had the pleasure of doing her externship at the 4th Street Clinic. This experience has been an eye-opener for Britney that she will carry with her into her future careers. Britney is excited to arrive at the clinic every day. “Working at 4th Street Clinic has been a wonderful experience. I had the ability to see a wide range of patients with various of illness, and work with several specialists at one time. I have learned a great deal from not only my mentors at the clinic, but also from the patients I have encounter in my time at the 4th Street Clinic” Britney Bambace.  On a daily basis the 4th Street Clinics Medical Assistants, Doctors, Physician Assistant, and Nurses are making a difference in the world to a group of people that are often forgotten. For Britney, she was able to play a role in helping the patients who visited the clinic during her time there. Britney has provided a positive lesson we all can learn; to step out of our comfort zones and volunteer to help those who need it most.

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