Broadview University wants you to SHOW US WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW

Published on June 24, 2015 by arothstein

Did you know that you can earn college credit at Broadview University for what you have already learned in life?  Did you know that this will save you money as all it costs you is your time?  Did you know this will allow you to graduate quicker and get you into your career field even earlier than you anticipated?

It's all about getting you here quicker!

It’s all about getting you here quicker!

Broadview University offers to all students the ability to earn college credit through three different opportunities:

  1. ADVANCED STANDING TESTS: Students can earn college credit by demonstrating proficiency in a subject as demonstrated through performance on an advanced standing test. Simply put all you have to do is connect with the education department to see what courses are available in an advanced standing test format as all courses do not apply. However, if you find that there is an advanced standing test that you believe you can successfully demonstrate proficiency set-up a time to take the test the quarter before the course is required with the education department.
  2. PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT: Students can earn college credit by demonstrating that learning received outside of the traditional college classroom prior to enrolling at Broadview University is equivalent to academic curriculum and eligible for college credit. Documentation of prior learning that is eligible for review includes:

If you believe you have documentable prior learning that could earn college credit please make an appointment to see your Program Chair or Dean of Education to learn more.


You may have been in a leadership role


GUEST BLOGGER, Dee Ann Kerr, the Regional Director of Broadview University has been with the GEN (Globe Education Network) for 20 years and in Higher Education for over 25 years.  Dee Ann has been helping students achieve their educational dreams for several decades.

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