Sorting Soup and Stocking Shelves-A Broadview Day at Community Action

Published on July 1, 2015 by arothstein

By Amanda Black-Administrative Assistant

At Broadview University-Orem we do our best to live up to the motto “We Care.” To show the spirit of this message, we join with all of the campuses in the Globe Education Network for a day of community service during the summer break. This year we decided to volunteer at the Community Action Services and Food Bank in Provo, UT.


The whole Broadview Unviersity-Orem team hard at work

June 19th started off early with staff and faculty arriving at the Orem campus and piling into a 15-passenger van borrowed for the occasion. We arrived at Community Action right about 9 am and set to work. We were divided into three groups: the can sorters, the pantry stockers, and the guest guiders.


Heather Bird getting the job done

All of the men were put to work in the back corner of the warehouse sorting through bins of cans of soup. “My highlight of the day was when I found a can of Campbell’s Beer and Cheese soup,” said Ryan Farley-Campus Director. “The can was added to the ‘Soup Hall of Fame’.”

“I enjoyed the comradery,” said Brent Clark-Career Services Director. “We were cracking jokes and having a great time working together.”

I was among the group of women who were stocking the shelves in the “pantry”, the little shopping area where families would go to choose their groceries. We would fill shopping carts in the main area of the building and then wheel our food-filled carts into the pantry where we would refill the shelves.

“I had a really great time! I have always wanted to go see how to volunteer at the food bank and I had no idea it was so easy. I also felt like I was really making a difference. Best way to spend a Friday morning by far!” said Jessica Littlefield-Admissions Representative.

The third group was made up of our veterinary technology instructors Heather Bird and Kylee Poulsen. They assisted the families through the pantry.

“I really liked meeting the guests of the food bank and helping them with their food selections. It made me feel like I was making a positive difference in the community by being there.” Said Heather Bird.

I enjoyed watching the children come through and choose their cereal or favorite treat. It was fun to see their excitement as food was piled onto their family’s cart.

The three hours went by very quickly as we worked together to make a small difference in the lives of many people, and each of us left knowing that a difference had been made in our lives as well.

For information on how you can help at the Community Action Services and Food Bank visit:

Sorting Soup and Stocking Shelves-A Day at Community Action

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