Making Cookies to Improve Palpation

Published on July 23, 2015 by arothstein

Broadview University-Boise instructor, Angie Hasting, recently gave the massage therapy students in her deep tissue and sports medicine clinic a unique challenge.

broadview university massage therapy program

Massage therapy students select ingredients for their cookies.

“The goal is to improve your palpation skills by making cookies while being blindfolded and feeling fine textures of items that you use in your everyday lives,” she said.

The items that the students used were flour, butter, sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla, baking soda, salt, and eggs.

Angie gave the students blindfolds and sets of bowls and told them how much of each ingredient they needed for each bowl. Then the students were tasked with feeling for the ingredient and measuring it for their cookie recipe while being blindfolded.

“Deep tissue and sports massage rely heavily on being able to feel the differences in tissue,” Angie explained. “Therefore, the students have to be able to sense minor texture, firmness, or quality differences just through touch. Making them mix up cookie dough by hand while being blindfolded makes the students rely on only touch to pick out the different ingredients.”

“I used my finger to sense what they were,” said Ken Cook. “I used a lot of palpation,” said Joe Wattanamongkilsiri.

Joe, a massage therapy student, mixes butter.

Joe, a massage therapy student, mixes butter by hand.

After the students gathered all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, Angie gave the students a gallon Ziploc bag to mix the dough together.

“The quality of your cookies depends on your palpation skills,” advised Angie. She read the recipe’s instructions so the students could make their cookie dough with the ingredients that they had gathered.

“Manual was making me laugh because he was beating his butter, and I was trying warm it,” said Amanda Phillips.

The students mixed the ingredients’ different textures together by hand until they formed chocolate chip cookie dough.

“I haven’t cooked them, yet,” said Amanda. “But, the dough turned out really good.”

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