Broadview University Alumni Interview: Justin Oates, Massage Therapist

Published on August 17, 2015 by arothstein

Broadview University massage therapy graduate Justin Oates is the primary massage practitioner at Salon and Spa Fifth Avenue in Layton, Utah. As an employee of the spa, Justin has worked closely with the spa owner to create therapeutic environment blending spa principles with philosophies of structural integration, lifestyle management, and human performance. When Justin was asked to describe the focus of his practice, he responded, “Overall, we’re just about making you (the client) feel better, more attractive, and healthier in the friendliest environment in town.”

Justin’s long-term professional goal is to own and operate his own spa in Portland, Oregon. He traveled to Oregon on vacation and feels it calling him back. Acknowledging his career choice is a winding road full of experience and holding many opportunities, he knows his dreams will become a reality and remains active in pursuing personal and professional goals. “I like the idea of owning my own spa and doing what I love, working with clients.”

Justin with some classmates from Broadview

Justin with some classmates from Broadview

When Justin was posed the question ‘Now that you are an active professional in the field, what is your professional philosophy about massage and bodywork?’ he responded; “My philosophy about the profession is also what I love about bodywork: IT IS DYNAMIC! I love the sports-minded approach that I have chosen. Every therapist is different and I find that amazing. I feel like I’m still new in such a widely varied field. I just want to learn it all.”

Massage therapists are by nature and trade a group of people driven to support and help others attain their personal health and wellness goals. Many therapists find opportunities within the field to mentor freshman therapists or massage students as they fulfill their need to nurture, grow, and develop. Justin exemplifies this through hours he donates to student groups tutoring and working side by side in class labs and community events.  When asked what he wanted to leave with the next generation of therapists he mentors, his response was quick and spoke to building a foundation of self-care and career longevity.

“Be prepared to work hard. Be open minded to learning new things and stay healthy! Find a skilled therapist to trade work with and get work done. Seriously! You can’t expect to help others if you yourself are in pain. Think of it like this, you wouldn’t get a facial from someone with bad skin. You wouldn’t get a haircut from someone with awful hair. Why would someone get a massage from a therapist who doesn’t practice what he or she teaches?

Last of all, have fun! You’re in the most amazing profession out there. Make the most of it!”

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