Commitment to your Paralegal career will set you apart from your competition

Published on August 25, 2015 by arothstein

Broadview’s Paralegal program doesn’t just prepare you for a future career as a paralegal, but also works to get you employed in the field as soon as possible. Our “Job Now!” focus sets us apart from other paralegal or legal studies degrees.

paralegals_web.jpg Many schools don’t want you to get a job in the field right away for fear that you’ll leave school early. Here at Broadview, we know that a degree is an investment in yourself that will pay off for the rest of your life. Quitting school because you found a job is short-sighted. The economy is volatile, and a great job today can disappear tomorrow, but a degree will help you weather the bumps and bruises that inevitably come in life.
When you enroll in Broadview’s Paralegal program, your resume instantly changes. Many law firms hire legal assistants and secretaries without a degree, but lament the turnover they experience when these individuals move on to other career paths. By enrolling in Broadview’s paralegal program, you demonstrate a commitment to the law—and employers interpret that to mean “longevity.”
The Paralegal career arc is a complex combination of semantics, experience, and work duties. You could even compare it to the old story of a cow path. Have you ever noticed that some roads seem to twist and turn without any logic or plan? The story goes that once upon a time a cow meandered this way and that from some “here” to another “there”, wearing a path along the way. The cow didn’t plot a course or even consider its way. It just went. After a while, others began using the path, for no other reason than that it was there and it looked like others had walked that way before. Soon that path became a road, and then it was paved, expanded, and finally turned into a highway of no insignificance. Logic was trumped by habit.
Unfortunately, the titles used by many law firms for their staff members make about as much sense as a cow path. Way back when, when the firm was just starting out, someone decided that certain staff members should go by certain titles, for no real reason. Over time, those titles became ingrained just like the cow path of old. Therefore, today, some firms use legal assistants like paralegals while others use paralegals like secretaries. Historically, “paralegal” is the highest title in the hierarchy of law firm staff, but depending on the firm, that is not always the case.
What this means for Paralegal students is that as soon as you enroll, start applying! Apply for positions as a legal assistant, a legal secretary, a filing clerk, a legal gopher, whatever you see out there. Chances are pretty good that you will be doing many of the duties of a paralegal. Chances are almost guaranteed that over time, you can turn that position into a full time paralegal position at that firm or at another. Your degree, combined with your work experience, will enable you to move up in the field much sooner than others.
If you would like to get a job in the legal field as soon as possible, and then ladder up in pay and benefits sooner than your counterparts, contact Broadview University today.

Special thanks to Sean Nobmann, Paralegal Program Chair, Broadview University for the Blog.

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