Broadview Medical Program chair goes back to school

Published on September 8, 2015 by arothstein

This September, Melissa Urquhart, Medical Assisting Program Chair at Broadview University, had the pleasure of being invited to Frontier Middle School in Eagle Mountain, Utah to give a presentation on the medical assisting field. She spoke to Ms. Scoffield 7th grade College and Career Awareness class. This class focuses on helping students develop skills and explore careers.

The students were very excited about learning about the medical field. As part of the presentation, the following topics were discussed:

The students had many great question about the medical assisting field along with the educational requirements.

Frontier Middle School

Frontier Middle School

In addition to the career presentation, the class participated in Glo Germ activities. Ms. Scoffield’s class, in addition to learning about courses and training related to their career choice, learn about staying healthy.  In correlation with the class lesson, the importance of hand washing and not sharing drinks with their fellow classmates were discussed, along with tips for remaining healthy during the upcoming flu season.

The students loved the Glo Germ presentation. Two separate activity were completed. In the first activity the student rubbed “germ” lotion onto their hands. Under the black light they were able to see the hidden germs on their hands. This activity showed that even though they can longer see the germs, they are still present. The students each washed their hands for a few seconds using just water. They were able to see that using water alone was not an effective tool for killing germs. The activity continued with washing their hands for different time amounts with soap and water. The students learned how important it is to wash their hands with soap and water for the correct amount of time.

The second activity completed was to look at how germs remained on surfaces even though they cannot be seen. One of the student spread some of the Glo Germ powder on the table surface. The student than washed the power off with only water. The students observed that they could no longer see the powder on the table; however, when they turned the black light on the table, they could see that germs were still present. This activity showed students the importance of using proper cleaning products when cleaning. It also showed the need to need wash hands often.

This presentation was an excellent experience. The students were excited to learn about the medical assisting field. The students asked excellent question about the field, skills, and educational requirement needed. It is great to see our future potential medical professional excited about the field.

For more information about Broadview University check out this link.


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