Broadview University’s library is a starting point for your research.

Published on October 19, 2015 by arothstein

What does a library do for your community? They do so much for the community that they become the soul of community. A library provides books, digital books, audiobooks, movies, music, magazines, and newspapers that cover all different type of topics. These materials cover a wide range of information and written for children, teens, and adults. If the library at Broadview University does not have what you are looking for, then branch out to other libraries throughout the world to provide what you have asked for.

Libraries provide educational, informative, instructional, and entertaining programs for all ages. These programs include, but not limited to, computer hardware and software training, job skills, story-time, after-school, and multicultural. One can also use these skills to enhance their job skills to receive a promotion and better paying jobs.


Not only does the library provide programs to help you with your jobs but also they provide free computer access. People can use the computers to create resumes, cover letters, and apply for jobs. One person can use them to research who their ancestors are. They can also find stories of what their ancestors did. Another person can digitize any sort of information, so anyone will be able access them.

Libraries are also great place to have meetings of all shapes and sizes. Need a place to meet to discuss the book you have read for your book club? There is a room. Need a place to conduct an interview? The library has a room. Need a place to conduct a business meeting? There is room for that. Do you want to throw a party? The library can provide a room. The rooms are there for anyone in the public.

Libraries are transforming just as our world is transforming. We need libraries today to help everyone, no matter their status, to be able to access any information in any format. John Palfrey said in Biblotech: Why Libraries Matter More than Ever in the Age of Google, “If we do not have libraries, if we lose the notion of free access to most information, the world of the haves and the have-nots will grow further and further apart. Our economy will suffer, and our democracy will be put at unnecessary risk.”

If you want more information about Broadview University check out this link.

This blog was written by our esteemed librarian from Broadview University’s West Jordan Campus, Brandon Holst


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