Broadview University student meets real world massage for amazing experience

Published on October 27, 2015 by arothstein

“I think that having a preceptorship during a massage program is a great and necessary project. It really lets you get out into the working field and see what it is like.” reported Haley Voigt following her summer 2015 preceptor experience with Sego Lily Day Spa, Layton (Voigt, 2015). An assignment within the massage clinical program at the Broadview University Layton campus matches students with local employers in development of an experience that connects students to the massage therapy career field and local industry businesses. This experience is designed to introduce massage students to real life industry experiences while providing business partners the opportunity to mentor students, cultivate a network of next generation therapists, and vet potential employees, partners, or colleagues leading to the growth and development of our local massage community.


Reinforcement of classroom concepts including OSHA standards of sanitation, HIPAA compliance, customer service, client retention and rebooking, and the management of a therapeutic environment leaps from theory and into practice. Recognizing the integration and fluid application of these concepts in a professional setting helped Broadview University massage student Haley Voight connect with her dream of managing a health and wellness clinic, or even possibly owning her own day. Sego Lily’s manager Kirsten spent time mentoring Haley as she was permitted to observe and assist her with daily managerial tasks. “Something I really liked about the experience was that I was able to follow the manager, Kirsten, and see the stuff she has to do. This was helpful because I hope to have management positions and one day own a spa.” (Voigt, 2015).


Great customer service, a clean and therapeutic environment, and an ethical business practice isn’t all that influenced Haley. “They have many benefits for the service providers. That means a lot to me because I am a better worker when I feel appreciated.” (Voigt, 2015). Sego Lily strives to create an environment that continually supports and develops their therapists and staff recognizing well trained and satisfied employees are key elements to a successful business. Sego Lily has been around for nearly 10 years with three locations throughout the Wasatch Front; soon to open a new property in Moab, Utah.

“I loved this spa, the crew, and the environment. (Kirsten) hopes to have me back for an interview once I graduate. I would love to work at this spa in the future.” (Voigt, 2015).

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