Combining Forces to Improve Health

Published on November 23, 2015 by arothstein

Earlier this month, massage therapy and medical assistant students from Broadview University-Boise combined forces to improve people’s health. The idea came from Anna Braden, a medical assistant program chair.

“I found out about a community health fair, and I thought it would be a good idea to combine the medical assistant and massage students at a booth,” she said.

medical assistant, Massage Therapy, Broadview University-Boise campus,

A medical assistant student testing a person’s glucose level

The medical assistant students took people’s blood pressure and checked their glucose and oxygen levels.  Then people received ten minute chair massage from massage therapy students, and the medical assistant students did the same checks again to see if people’s levels had changed afterward.

“It was Kerrie Jannelle’s, a massage therapy program chair, idea to take the vitals again after a massage,” explained Anna.

The students discovered that massages benefited the people that visited their booth.

“We checked all their levels after having massages, and they were lower,” said Kaiela Saylor, a medical assistant student.

medical assistant, Massage Therapy, Broadview University-Boise campus,

A massage therapy student giving a chair massage

Massage therapy student Teresa Tulloch added, “Over 80% of people’s blood pressures went down after having massages.”

The health fair also gave the students the opportunity to practice skills and techniques outside the classroom.

“It was a fun spending three hours taking blood pressures,” said Krystan Martini, a first quarter medical assistant student.

“It was a great experience working with a diverse clientele,” said Teresa about the people that stopped by for a chair massage.

The students’ presence at the health fair also gave them insight about their future professions.

“It was very eye opening, said Megan Huston, a massage therapy student, “realizing how many people need massages and how they feel afterwards.”

“I liked that we worked with people outside of school,” said Kaiela. “We told them if their blood pressure and oxygen levels were high or low,” she said. “As a media assistant student, it gave me a chance to make a difference and confirmed that this is the career for me.”

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