Fall Quarter Fun

Published on November 25, 2015 by arothstein

What fall fun have the students and staff at Broadview University-Boise been having this quarter? To celebrate Halloween, students and staff showed off their most creative costumes that ranged from Elmer’s glue, a hot air balloon, and Maleficent with fully movable wings. Then students and staff carved pumpkins and with a slingshot, sent them flying in the parking lot.

Broadview University-Boise campus, fall quarter fun,

A slingshot pumpkin

“It was nice to take a break from class that day, get outside, and have some fun,” said Devin Tripp, a veterinary technology student.

Courtney Boling, also a veterinary technology student, added, “It was a pumpkin smashing good time.”

This month, the fun continued with a Library Shindig. Along with food and a puzzle challenge, the main attraction was selecting a name for the plastic green octopus on Campus Librarian Carrie Tannehill’s desk.  “I couldn’t pick a name, and one of the students suggested that I hold a contest,” she said.

Twenty-five names like Sir Grabs A Lot, Octavio, Exterminator Avenger, and Ocho Verde were submitted by staff and students. “Whippleton Tentacles Ulysses is his full name now,” said Carrie. “Or, Wally for short.”

Staff and students also gathered on campus to judge entries for the Second Annual Chili and Pie Cook Off.

Broadview University-Boise campus, fall quarter fun,

A happy chili smile

“I tried them all,” said Robert Short, a criminal justice student. “I like spicy foods, and two of the chili entries were really spicy.

Veterinary technology student Kristine Earls described her strategy for judging the chili. “I tried three types of chili in a bowl, but then I got full so I used a different spoon for each and tried the rest.

The pie entries disappeared quickly. “Pie make me happy,” said campus director Michael McAllister.

Kristine summed how the fall fun benefited her quarter at Broadview University-Boise. “I love it,” she exclaimed. “It brings the staff and students closer together; it’s awesome!”


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