From Bingo to Massage

Published on December 14, 2015 by arothstein

Megan Huston, a massage therapy student at Broadview University-Boise,  has many childhood memories of visiting and spending time with the residents at Plantation Place Assisted Living. “My mom used to work there,” she said. “That place has a lot of memories – I even read off bingo numbers!”

Massage, Broadview University-Boise campus,

Megan giving a chair massage

Megan’s experience at Plantation Place came to mind when her pregnancy and special populations class was looking for a field trip to apply what she and her classmates (Teresa Tulloch and Mya Hodges) were learning in the classroom. “I suggested it, called, and set it up,” Megan said.

Kerrie Jannelle, a massage therapy instructor and program chair, explained how the visit to Plantation Place Assisted Living enhanced what she was teaching Teresa, Mya, and Megan. “The field trip fitted with the section on working with geriatric clients and caregivers,”

Megan, Mya, and Teresa spent two days with Plantation Place Assisted Living’s residents and staff and gave massages on couches and chairs.

“We had to adjust our techniques – like the amount pressure we applied,” said Teresa. “We had to be careful of medical issues – like if they were on blood thinners or had kidney function issues.”

The students were a hit with residents and staff.

Massage, Broadview University-Boise campus,

Teresa massaging a resident

“They heard we were there and wanted to get involved,” said Teresa. “A lot of people were over 90, and I was surprised how mobile they were.”

“I was, too,” added Mya. “It also was cool to hear their stories.”

For Megan, the visit gave her a chance to return to a place that had many childhood memories and the opportunity to make new ones as she gave massages to Plantation Place’s residents and staff. “I know they enjoyed it,” she said.

The experience also made Megan think about how she may serve similar populations in the future. “Once I’m done with school, I want to go to places like that and do geriatric massages.”

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