Is it time to Embark on a New Career?

Published on June 16, 2016 by arothstein

After a period of time in a career, most people begin to fantasize about working at a different job. This is confirmed by a LinkedIn survey finding that 25% of its 313 million members are actively seeking a job, but 60% are passively seeking a job.  Passive job seekers are not going of their way to look for a new job, but will seriously consider an opportunity that piques their interest, should it arise.  

Although the majority of people seem unhappy with their jobs, they often continue with their jobs because they fear change.  Employees are willing to relegate themselves to being unhappy in exchange for long-term job stability, but job dissatisfaction should not be the norm.  If you feel unhappy with your job, you should consider it a warning sign to seek a new career.  Here are five warning signs that signal you need a career change.

Not Performing at a High Level

If you feel as if you have done your job duties thousands of times to the point where you can do it in your sleep, then you are not reaching your full potential and it is time to seek a new career.  Job monotony can be caused by a job not being challenging enough, or the job is a poor match for your skills and interests.  Job satisfaction requires you to be motivated and engaged, and for this to occur, you need to be in a job that pushes you to perform at a high level.

Not Learning Anything New

Studies have shown that to be satisfied with your job and career, you need to stimulate your mind and learn new tasks continuously.  This is especially important for people with personality traits that value creativity, curiosity, and learning.  To be truly satisfied with your job, you need to be learning something new regularly so that you can grow and increase your job skills.

Don’t Like Your Boss

There is a close link between employees who are not satisfied with their jobs and those who do not like their bosses.  This is confirmed by a recent study finding that nearly 75% of employees consider their immediate supervisor to be most stressful part of their jobs [1].  If your relationship with your boss is not ideal, try to work things out through communication.  If this fails and your dislike for your boss is so severe that it affects your performance, then maybe it is time to change careers.

You Do Your Job Solely for the Money

Doing your job solely for the money is unrewarding, and many employees feel unmotivated when they are there just to get their paycheck.  Job satisfaction is the result of satisfying a variety of basic needs such as relationships with colleagues, enjoyment, company culture, and progression opportunities.


You Feel Unrecognized

Receiving regular pay raises and promotion is important for most employees, but most studies suggest that unless you feel recognized and appreciated by colleagues and managers, you will not be happy with your job.  Studies have shown that employees who feel unrecognized at work are more likely to suffer burnout and behave in counterproductive manners.

While there are many other warning signs that a job/career change is needed, those discussed above are more psychological and voluntary than other signs such as downsizing and relocation.  Deciding to make a career change is really about your choice to be happy with your job and to act on it.

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