Beyond Broadview: A Military Success Story

Published on June 20, 2016 by arothstein

Aaron Valentine is a U.S. Army veteran and Broadview University veterinary technology graduate who recently found a job as a vet tech.  Based on an interview he gave in December 2014, we will learn about his success story.  One of the objectives of Broadview University, is to provide students with relevant and real-world knowledge and skills that will make them successful as working professionals, creating success stories like that of Aaron Valentine, a man with heart and a passion for his career.   

His Personal Life

Aaron Valentine is a U.S. Army veteran who served in the Army National Guard for ten years and was deployed overseas for one year between 2008 and 2009.  He also recently married on October 31, 2014.  He has two cats named Jazz and Oscar and enjoys camping and fishing.  When he is home, he likes to spend time with his wife or play his Xbox.

Reasons for Becoming a Vet Tech

Aaron decided to become a vet tech after he and his wife did volunteer work at Furburbia in Park City, an animal adoption center.  Aaron and his wife felt that after their experience adopting Jazz, their cat, volunteering their time to care for rescued animals was how they could give back to their community.   

He had spent many years looking for a sensible career path and a way to take advantage of his college benefits from the U.S. Army.  His wife did some research and was drawn to Broadview University. After interviewing with Broadview’s admissions department, Aaron felt that everything fell into place for him.

Favorite Experience at Broadview

Aaron felt that his experience at Broadview has been fulfilling because he has been challenged as well as rewarded in nearly every class he has taken.  Admittedly, getting started was the hardest part for him because he had been away from school for such a long time.  But, due to Broadview’s supportive system and after sticking with and finishing the first quarter, he felt much more comfortable and began learning new concepts with ease.

The vet tech program at Broadview University was very challenging for him, and he recommended that new students should be prepared to work hard and study many hours.

New Career as a Vet Tech

Aaron was informed about the availability of his current position by Dr. Teyler, who is Broadview’s resident veterinarian.  He was hired and began working within days and feels very satisfied with his new career.

His job at Copperview Animal Hospital involves much more than what a vet tech normally does.  His work includes drawing and running blood samples, helping with surgery preparation, giving medications, and educating customers.  For him, each day is a new experience, and he looks forward to new challenges.

Advice to New Students

Aaron’s advice to new students is to start looking early.  He also felt that students should not overwhelm themselves.  Students should consider their studies a priority, and when they feel ready, then look for possible places to work.

For students interested in becoming vet techs, his advice to them is to schedule a visit to the campus and observe some vet tech classes, and if possible, job shadow a vet tech to see what the work is like. Vet techs do many things that are not very glamorous.  However, it can be very rewarding for those who are willing to work hard.

Aaron’s story is one of many success stories of Broadview’s graduates.  Are you ready to share your success story when the time comes?  Consider what Broadview University has to offer and be ready to share your story.

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