What Learning is Like in 2016: Hot Trends in Tech

Published on June 23, 2016 by arothstein

Technology is everywhere in our lives in 2016, and just like it’s transforming our lives in other ways, it’s changing the way we learn and study. Here are a few ways that technology is transforming learning today, both inside and outside of the classroom:

digital transition

    1. The Cloud: Platforms like Google Docs and Google Hangouts are changing the way that students can study, write papers, and collaborate on group work. Now, it’s possible to write a study outline with your classmates and watch as they edit it in real-time. Google Hangouts is the hot new place to hold a study session. Whether or not you’re an online learner, collaborating online can be a great way to facilitate group collaboration. Storing data on cloud services also means that we’re no longer at the mercy of our hard drives for preserving our hard work, and we can work on the same paper at the computer lab at school and on our home devices with much more ease than we could in the past.
    2. E-books: With more and more textbooks being available as e-books, it’s changing the way that we study and learn. E-books often come with engaging, interactive study materials that replace pencil-and-paper worksheets. And soon, selling back books will become a thing of the past – instead, you can rent an e-book for the semester and it will expire when the semester is through. However, reading e-books instead of books on paper comes with new methods of taking notes, highlighting, and marking off important sections, changing the way that we organize and remember information.
    3. Wearable tech: Nowadays, lots of students are tracking their health and fitness with the aid of wearable tech devices like the Fitbit. For students in the health and exercise science fields, this can have big implications, as data is easier than ever to collect and evaluate. For other students, having a small device on their wrist that can keep track of a daily schedule can transform time management. As wearable tech continues to develop and become more affordable, who knows how else it’ll transform the way we learn?
    4. 3D Printing: Although 3-D Printing is in many ways still becoming affordable and accessible, some colleges are offering ‘makerspaces’ where 3D printing technology is made available for students to use. The availability of this technology to students can transform design and engineering classes, making what was once simply theoretical now a hands-on experience.
    5. Online education: As the platforms for online courses become more sophisticated, the possibilities for online education grow. More and more students are turning to online degree programs for their flexibility and affordability, as well as the opportunity to join classmates from around the world in a single classroom.


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