How Hashtags Can Help You Study

Published on July 28, 2016 by arothstein

Most people have strong feelings about hashtags. Whether you love them and think they can add a lot to an Instagram photo or Facebook post, or you dread seeing them, you need to understand the power of hashtags as you interact with other students both at Broadview University and across the world. One super effective way to use hashtags as a student is to use them to aid you in studying. No matter what topic or class you are working on, hashtags can be used to enhance your learning experience.

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One way to use hashtags is to use a class wide hashtag to help all of the people in your class find posts made by other class members. For example, #buanatomy16 or #bonesandstuffbu can be added as a hashtag to links, comments, and resources you are using and sharing on social media. By searching for this unique hashtag, your classmates can share in the great study materials that you are tracking down without having to reinvent the wheel. Similarly, you can use a class hashtag to virtually quiz one another before a quiz or test. For example, #buquickquizanatomy can be paired with a question like “How many chambers does a human heart have?” When you have a spare second, you can search the hashtag, attempt toanswer the question, and then post your own question for others to find and answer. This is an easy way for large groups to study together without having to be in the same location or to even study at the same time. You may work different hours than others in your study group. This is a perfect solution that allows you to interact together when it is convenient for you.

Another way you can use hashtags to study is to identify hashtags commonly associated with material relevant to the topic at hand. For example, one popular hashtag for a Veterinary Anatomy class is #animalanatomy. From links to great study resources to photos of study techniques that others are using to learn the same material, this hashtag can lead you to some great class specific finds. As you identify these resources and strategies, you can use your class hashtag to share these with your friends and study group members.

You can also get your professor in on the hashtag fun. If he or she is receptive, you can have a hashtag specific to your professor. For example, #buprofessorbrown. Then, you and your classmates can post questions, concerns, ideas, and links with the hashtag that your professor can then search to see what the class is buzzing about. This is a great way for your professor to get involved with the class culture and a great way for you to form meaningful relationships with your professors. These relationships can be essential when it comes time for reference letters.

Finally, hashtags can provide some much needed comic relief. The #collegestudentproblems hashtag can give you hours of laughs when you need to take some time to blow off some steam. Even the most dedicated student needs a study break every once and a while.


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