Cheap Travel Tips for College Students

Published on September 6, 2016 by arothstein

During the time you are in college, you should travel as much as possible. The breaks that you have between quarters are important periods of rest, but you can rest just as easily at a new destination as you can on your couch at home. Don’t let a lack of funds stop you; domestic travel is well within your reach. There are many ways that you can lower your travel costs so that a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to visit can fit into your budget.

Hopper is an easy-to-use app that helps you find the cheapest flights available based on your city of departure and destination. It uses historical price data to alert you when you can get the best deal on a flight of your choice. Set up alerts so, when the time is right, you can jump on cheap plane tickets.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 24 and have a college ID, you can take advantage of some of the great hotel and tour deals available on the Student Universe website. The site also offers airplane tickets, but the hotel deals are second to none. For example, a sample search for a two-night hotel stay in Atlanta, GA offered several options for less than $50/night.

Airlines may get you to your destination faster, but if you are traveling to see the country, there is no better way to save money than to spend time enjoying the trip by taking a slower method of transportation. Student discounts and generally cheaper fares make bus or train travel a great option for students.

Especially appealing if you are traveling with a companion, the Couchsurfing app allows you to locate other travelers who are willing to host you in their homes as you make your journey. The app is also great for meeting people that live in your destination area or even others that are traveling at the same time you are. Schedule meet-ups, learn about upcoming events and festivals, and even ask questions on message boards about the local party scene. The app and its corresponding website provide tons of information for college travelers looking to spend next to nothing on lodging.

There are numerous volunteer organizations that recruit individuals to complete volunteer work in exchange for travel, room, and board during the volunteer experience. Finding these opportunities can be a bit tough, but a search of local and national nonprofit organizations can give you an idea of how you can get involved.

Look into student exchange programs that may provide you the opportunity to spend summers enrolled at an institution across the country. While you may have classwork to complete, your free time can be spent exploring and networking in a new area. The safety and structure of these programs are also great for first-time travelers who are a bit hesitant about planning their own journey.


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