Podcasts for College Students

Published on September 22, 2016 by arothstein

Don’t miss out on the amazing world of podcasts for college students. Plug in your headphones, download an episode, and tune in to one that sounds interesting to you!  


If you are a sports fanatic, you can’t miss this daily update on your favorite college sports teams by the top analysts and sportscasters in the business. Discussing top games, delving into hot topics, and featuring guests that are having a great time talking about the sports they love, these 20ish-minute episodes make for a great listen.


This long-running show from host Thomas Frank is full of general information to help you succeed as a college student. Featuring hour-long episodes on everything from being more productive to polishing your personal brand, this podcast is a great listen for both beginning students and those preparing to graduate. The podcast is a spin-off from Frank’s popular blog, and between the two resources, he has addressed virtually every college question you’ve ever had.


While the podcast unapologetically focuses on a male listener, females will find this podcast just as engaging. Through interviews with men who have experienced extreme life circumstances and obtained new life skills in the process, host Caleb Bacon seeks to inspire others to live their best life. The show features relatively mild topics like marriage and organ donation to more controversial ones like coming out and mental health issues. There is a take-away for everyone in these poignant, hour-long episodes.


The antithesis of Man School, Throwing Shade is a podcast focused on female and gay listeners. More comical in nature, this show carries an explicit warning label and doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. Episodes range from an hour to over an hour and a half in length. The episodes are chock full of discussions on current events and life experiences from the female and LGBTQ perspective. For example, Episode 235 is entitled Dog Furniture, Bathroom History, Chris Matthews, and Trans Rights.


This podcast is one that you will listen to long after your college career has ended. The title of this podcast tells you everything you need to know. Each hour-long episode seeks to explain how something works. No topic is off limits, with recent shows featuring everything from nightmares to jellyfish to the moonwalk to lighthouses. These podcasts will provide you countless hours of small talk material for happy hours, and your Jeopardy game will improve immensely.


These forty-five minute episodes feature famed advice columnist Jolie Kerr offering her advice on how to clean things and how clean things are. The episodes are surprisingly interesting considering that cleaning isn’t a topic you usually spend more than five minutes talking about. Featuring guests that bring insight into the topic of the episode, Kerr makes cleaning fun.


This video-based podcast features extremely short episodes that teach you to cook delicious dishes. From deserts to main courses, the podcast includes instructions for nailing the basics like white rice and eggs as well as more difficult dishes like scallops and scampi. Kathy Maister’s step-by-step instructions will have you cooking in no time!

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