How College Football Can Make You a Successful Student

Published on September 28, 2016 by arothstein

There is nothing like college football. Even those people that aren’t addicted to sports can get into the competition when exciting Saturday games are happening every Fall around the country. Unexpected plays, tailgating, watch parties–college football season is a blast. But more than that, college football can teach you a good bit about being a successful college student.

In college football, it is understood that one team cannot be on top forever. Teams have exceptional seasons. Teams even have strings of exceptional seasons, but eventually, teams have rebuilding years. During these years, their top players, who were given all of the playing time to ensure the team achieved wins, have graduated and new players have to learn the ropes of playing at the college level. Like these ebbs and flows in team success, you as a college student are going to experience ebbs and flows in success. You may do extremely well in one course and not so great in another. This doesn’t make you any less of a person or any less successful of a student. Instead, this is part of the learning process, and it shows that you are being challenged in your learning.

Likewise, even the best players make mistakes. Famous names that people display proudly across their backs on team jerseys don’t always make the best plays. A fumble here. A missed tackle there. No player is perfect all the time. The coaches continue to work with them. They review the mistake with the player and train the player as best they can not to make a mistake a second time. As a student, no one expects you will be perfect all of the time, either. Don’t be afraid to fail. Do your best. When you struggle, meet with your professor and discuss how you can prevent from making the same mistake again. The professor is experienced in the field. He or she has worked with students before and has likely worked with students who have struggled with the same issue. Your professor will know how to help.

Unfortunately, in football, there are fair-weather fans. But, the good news is, there are diehard fans, too. The same holds true for your “fans” while you are in college. Some of your friends may have taken a different path and may not be in college. They might not understand why you can’t go out or why you have to study instead of going to a party. You may find yourself a bit distant from these friends. No worries. College is temporary. Once you have your degree, you will have plenty of time to reconnect with old friends. The friends you need right now are the ones that support you 100 percent on your journey to your degree.

Finally, college football players are some of the hardest working people in sports. In addition to class demands, they practice daily, for hours and hours at the time. Like you, they would rather be doing other things. But they have set goals, and they are determined to meet them.


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