College Student: What’s in My Bag?

Published on October 7, 2016 by arothstein

Looking at what is inside someone’s work bag can tell you a lot about what they do for a living. Lawyers carry bags full of sticky tabs, highlighters, and blue ink pens. Nurses are never without antibacterial gel, band aids, and pain relievers. As you enter your chosen professions, there is no doubt there are certain tools that you will never be without. However, there are also several items that you as a college student need to have with you at all times. Here are seven items that no college student should be caught without:

Flash Drive

You never know when you may need to save a file, transfer a file, or leave a file with someone. Having an easy way to do this without access to the internet is essential. A flash drive also provides you with a way to back up your work, too.

Cell Phone Battery Charger Pack

Priced as low as $10 for a rechargeable battery pack, every student should carry one so that they

will never be caught with a dead cell phone. These small packs can quickly bring a cellphone back to life. From answering emails, to reading online study material, the cell phone is an student’s way to carry the classroom with them into the outside world.

Healthy Snacks.

College students are busy. There is little time to prepare healthy food during the day. Instead of hitting the same fast-food joint or vending machine during the day, throw a few healthy snacks into your bag to ensure that you have a nutritious and money-saving treat to keep you going when you need a pick-me-up.

Your “Why” Token.

College can be difficult. Every day isn’t going to be easy, and sometimes you may get discouraged. To help you remember why you are making the decision to go to college, you should choose a token to represent your choice. Are you going for your children? Choose a snapshot of them. Are you going for your dream job? Choose a charm that represents that field. When you are feeling down, pull it out and reflect on it for a minute. You are in the right place. You are making an amazing decision for yourself.

Something to Read.

And not a textbook. Sometimes you get so busy in college, with the countless reading assignments, you stop reading for pleasure. Magazines pile up. Novels go unread. Instead of neglecting these previously loved options, carry one in your bag so that you have the option to read whenever you get down time. Even a few pages a day can add up. Before you know it, you will be reading for pleasure just like old times.

A Sharpie.

You may wonder why a pen won’t do the trick, but you would be surprised at all of the ways a good permanent marker can come in handy on the go. From writing on stubbornly slick surfaces to making a bold statement, you will come to the rescue more often that you can imagine with this one inexpensive tool.

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