Working Towards a Promotion Before You Even Get Hired

Published on October 21, 2016 by arothstein

As you enter a new field, you obviously have your sights set higher than an entry level position for your career end goal. You know that you will have to spend time working your way through the ranks to achieve the experience necessary to be qualified for this dream position. However, there is no reason you can’t begin working towards that promotion right now. Here are several ways you can start climbing the advancement ladder while still working on your degree:

Virtually every upper-level position, no matter the field, requires some level of supervisory experience. The problem that most job seekers notice rather quickly is that jobs expect you to apply with this experience already under your belt. If you wait until you enter the field to try and check this off your qualifications box, it may take you a lengthy amount of time to work your way through the ranks at a given job to prove you are mature enough to handle a supervisory role.

However, you can start building supervisory experience for your resume right now. Volunteer to be the coordinator of your old high school’s student yearbook staff. If you are currently employed, start a fundraising drive and recruit a committee to help you. Seek out community nonprofits that may be in need of volunteers, and once you have established yourself as a loyal and responsible volunteer, inquire into serving as a volunteer coordinator. These positions will make great additions to your resume and will show that you have what it takes to led people to achieve goals; the goals you achieve in this way will be more impressive because your team was made of volunteers instead of paid employees.

Some certifications required for your field will require you to hold a degree, however, others may have less stringent requirements. Instead of waiting to achieve these certifications after you have graduated, work towards them now. Not only will this help set you apart once you enter the workforce, it will set you apart from other applicants as you search for your first job.

Find out if your field has a professional organization you can join. Most of the national branches of these organizations offer discounted student memberships that provide you with access to amazing training resources and discounted prices for conferences and other events. Take advantage of these. Networking with members in the field across the country will show that you are truly dedicated to making a name for yourself. It will also provide you with a way to learn lingo, current hot topics, and the general culture in your field. When you start your first job, and you are able to carry on an intelligent conversation with the employees that have been there for years, it will be easy for those in management to see that you are ready to advance.

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