Encouraging Others to Get Their Degree

Published on November 21, 2016 by arothstein

Every person that decides to attend college has a different reason that motivated them to take the leap of faith and enroll. Whatever your reason, now that you have decided that you want to be a college graduate, you undoubtedly have friends, family members, and acquaintances that are admiring your decision. Some of these people may have actually considered going back to school but haven’t gotten up the courage to do so yet. Seeing you succeed is a motivating force for others, and once you begin to share your college stories and successes on social media and in person, you can play a large part in encouraging others to obtain their degree.

If you know people that have considered getting their degree, or know individuals who have not considered it but that you know would have great success in college, you are the perfect person to provide them with the tools they need to enroll. Too often, individuals that may have an interest in attending college find the application process too complicated. If you share with them the ease that you had enrolling, they are more likely to accept the fact that there are amazing resources available to assist them with getting admitted, getting financial aid in place, and getting prepared to start the first day of classes.

Another obstacle you may be able to help them face is self-doubt. Whether their self-doubt comes from self-esteem, previous struggles with school, or even a bad experience when they were told by a teacher or family member that they would not succeed in college, you have the ability to share your experience with them. Tell them about a class that excites you. Tell them about how accessible your professors are. Explain that the assignments have real-world applicability and aren’t out-of-touch busy work assignments. When they are able to see that you can do this, and you then tell them that you are confident that they too can be successful, they will be much more likely to believe it.

The financial impact of college is also frightening for some people. You have managed to enroll in college. You may have financial aid. You may or may not be working full or part time. Regardless, your classmates have a variety of backgrounds. Explaining that college is accessible even for individuals with little to no immediate disposable income to invest in education is a big eye-opener for people who believe that college is only for those individuals with thousands of dollars in savings to pay out in tuition each semester.

Similarly, you can communicate the flexibility that your class schedule offers. With classes offered online and in the evenings, you can explain that it is possible to keep a full-time job and obtain a degree. When a person learns they can take their education to the next level without making drastic changes in their current life, they are able to see a path to a college degree that they didn’t know existed.  

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