Must-Reads for College Students

Published on December 19, 2016 by arothstein

Are you well read? Or you one of those people who have never read an entire book in your life? Do you enjoy reading or just tolerate it? Do you skim lots of books but never read one through? Whatever your responses to these questions, an important part of being a well-rounded, educated adult is to be familiar with the literary greats of the past and present time.

The good news is that many of these books can be purchased for free in e-book format because they are older books that are now considered books that are in the public domain. Not only are they available as e-books, but many of them can be read aloud to you using a computer, kindle, nook, or iPhone. Additionally, many of the books on the Great Books list have been made into movies, both old and current, so viewing these films can help you understand the plot basics before you try to tackle the actual text.

If you don’t like to read, or don’t like to read certain genres, you can at least read a summary of the books on the Great List, or know what they are about, to the many reviews that are easily accessible on the internet. There are also many different versions of the books on the Great List. Some are annotated to make them shorter and more accessible for those that are uninterested in reading the full, original text.

There are also many books of many different genres that have been written in many different time periods that are on the Greats List. Some of these you most likely read in high school or upon completing a first English course in college. However, there are also current books that have made these lists that may be new to you. Many of these lists contain the beloved Harry Potter books, Rick Riordian’s revival of mythology novels, or newer ones like The Life of Pi. Some of the books that were classics are no longer considered relevant, like Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness, on many of these lists. Books are being left off these lists because of the fact that there are so many books and so little time.

While you can visit many websites with the great books listed, including Amazon, where they have links to purchase the books or read them for free on Kindle along with the list, below is good list to get you started with the Greats.

Must Read Classics:

Must Read Contemporary:

Since it is almost time to start a new year with its goals and plans, make your goal to read at least one of the books from both lists, if not more. It’s never too late to be well read, so you can start now!

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