Finding the Right Tutor

Published on December 21, 2016 by arothstein

In selecting a tutor that is the right fit, it’s not so much what they know, it’s how they share what they know and interact with you. A tutor candidate may be an expert on the subject matter that you need help in, but if they cannot explain how they know what they know in a way that helps you to understand the material, they will not be able to help you.

A tutor that is the right fit for you must be someone you feel comfortable with. You may specifically prefer someone the same gender or a different gender than you, you may prefer someone your age or older than you are, or you may prefer someone who is cool of geeky. Whatever your preference is, find someone that you can relate to and feel comfortable with. An education major may be a good tutor because education majors have a desire to teach others, or a math major may be a good tutor because they can help with those difficult math problems. A grammar guru may help edit your writing, but a better choice may be someone who can share rules of grammar with you.

A good way to find the tutor that will work well with you is to ask someone whom they recommend. A friend may have had the same tutor or know someone who is good at explanations. A classmate may have worked with someone as a partner who is good in the subject you need or who can communicate what they know with others.

Some tutors are on top of their game in the morning, while other tutors are night owls and work best at night. Find a tutor who is on the same circadian rhythms as you are. If you are an early bird, the night tutoring will be difficult because you are too tired to focus well. If you are a night owl, you may still be half asleep for a morning tutoring session. The time of scheduled tutoring sessions is important for you to receive the maximum benefit from the tutoring.

Budget may affect your selection of a tutor as well. Check out tutors who are performing tutoring services as a part of job shadowing or an internship and do not charge for their services. There are even tutors who work in labs, such as the writing lab or the math lab, free of charge. You can even have a tutor that is online, which may be the right fit for you. Some computer or IPhone apps will work as the best tutor because they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of these apps will allow you to take a picture of a math problem, and the steps and solution are displayed instantly. You don’t just get the answer; you get a step-by-step method of solving the problem as well. And the best part of these apps is they are free on your app store!

Whether live or online, select a tutor that is a good fit to help you accomplish your academic goals.

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