Deciding to Adopt New Technology

Published on January 23, 2017 by arothstein

Do you adopt the latest in technology or do you wait awhile and see? Do you roll your eyes at friends and family who are so backward in their use of technology? Have you ever thought about how you decide whether to get the latest device or app?

One factor in the decision is the technological issues.

Then there are the personal issues.

Finally, there are the environmental factors.

An example of not taking these factors into consideration is a friend who wanted Alexis or the Echo Dot because she had seen it advertised and thought it would be neat. Then she learned that without wifi, it would not work, and she had limited wifi. Purchasing it would have been a waste of money.

Another example is an adult professional who wanted a VR, virtual reality, device because of the television advertising of the device. She was told that she had to have a certain phone to use it, but when she researched, she found that any smartphone would work with it. She found out in her research that there were a lot of apps that could use VR. She splurged on it, although Black Friday prices were very low. It turned out to be great fun! There are ghost stories that will terrorize you, roller coaster virtual rides that can thrill you, and drones that can give you views of places you will never visit. For her, it ended up being worth the costs, in battery use and memory with her phone, in addition to the initial purchase price. Its entertainment value is enormous for her.

New technology catches on over time through social media as well as paid advertising. Sometimes it is purchased through someone realizing that the app exists and having that aha moment. Other times the buyer needs more persuasion. A recommendation from a friend or favorite blogger may help you decide. You may see support from affiliate marketing, where a blog or web page links to the item.

The adoption of technological hardware or software is described as a diffusion of innovation. That is, the adoption of innovations in technology comes about slowly and then spreads rapidly once it begins. Or in some cases, it starts big and sputters out quickly. Other technological innovations are adopted steadily over a period, although the turnover rates for technological innovations are very high compared to other areas. The ultimate decision comes from a cost-benefit analysis. You decide if the costs, in purchase costs, data costs, memory use, battery life, outweigh the advantages of the app.

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