What Can You Do With a Degree in Business Administration?

Published on February 8, 2017 by arothstein

When you find yourself in a job you hate or a job with no room for growth, it’s time to start looking for something new – maybe business administration? If you find that you are excellent at leading people and have a desire to help a company succeed by managing its human resources, and also have a keen, analytic mind with a good head for finance, a degree in business administration might be a good fit. Yet this degree can seem very broad when you start studying, leaving a seemingly endless number of career options ahead of you. Here’s what you can do with a degree in business and what you can expect to study in your business administration degree program.

Important Skills Taught in a Business Administration DegreeBusiness People Diversity Team Corporate Communication Concept

If you are pursuing a degree in business administration, what can you expect to learn? Your degree will focus on teaching you:

The goal of the degree field is to produce graduates who understand how business works, are skilled in sales and human resources, and can manage the needs of a workforce well.

Careers Open to You with a Business Administration Degree

So what business administration jobs are out there? Just what can you do with a business administration degree? Unfortunately, few jobs are going to be labeled “business administration jobs,” so you are going to have to know what to look for.

According to Payscale.com, the best-paying jobs for business majors are:

  1. Financial Analyst

Typical duties:

  1. Operations Manager

Typical duties:

  1. Financial Controller/Manager

Typical duties:

  1. Human Resources Manager

Typical duties:

  1. Accountant

Typical duties:

As you can see, business administration jobs are quite varied. Some deal with people and planning, while others deal with finance and analysis. With a degree in business administration, you will have a broad range of potential jobs available for your future career. To get started on your degree, check out the programs at Broadview University.

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