A Deeper Dive into Exercise Science

Published on March 3, 2017 by arothstein

One of Broadview University’s exciting Bachelor of Science degree programs allows you to pursue a career in Exercise Science. The program will prepare you for entry level positions in health, exercise, and fitness positions in a variety of different industries in as little as two years. Because the program is offered online, you can enroll in classes effortlessly with the assistance of Broadview staff and begin the program without disrupting your life. Classes are held at times that allow you to keep working as you pursue your degree. Broadview University has structured its program to help you succeed!

As you consider whether Broadview’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science program is right for you, it is important to look towards the role of exercise in our current society. With the ever-growing obesity epidemic in our country, and with the plague of obesity expanding around the world, one of the most effective tools to combat the issue is exercise. Daily movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and heart health depends on the ability of the human body to engage in physical activity. Unfortunately, exercise has been vilified, and many people that need exercise the most think of exercise as torture. The concept of beginning an exercise program is too overwhelming, and even frightening, for these individuals. If you are passionate about exercise and health, and feel that you have an interest in sharing your love of exercise with others, Broadview’s Exercise Science B.S. program may be right for you.  

Students in Broadview’s Exercise Science program get the opportunity to learn the current best practices in exercise and the scientific principles that drive the development of effective exercise for health and performance while also being exposed to new techniques and materials being developed by leading industry experts in the field of Exercise Science. In a learning community with other Broadview students and experienced professors, as an enrollee in the program, you will have a safe, supportive environment in which to become familiar with anatomical systems that are key to safe and effective exercise. They are also trained to approximate a given client’s response to various exercise based on the client’s current level of physical fitness and other key factors. This ability to foresee a client’s response to certain fitness activities is an instrumental tool in helping graduates plan effective and safe exercise programs for clients. Broadview’s Exercise Science curriculum also offers coursework in working with clients that are children and/or clients that are in some other special population such as the elderly, individuals with mental or physical disability, and veterans, to name a few.

Hand in hand with exercise, to ensure graduates have a full arsenal of tools to help guide others to good health, the program also focuses on nutrition basics and the role of nutrition throughout life. Nutrition has a clear effect on exercise, and with the knowledge gained in this program, graduates can modify exercise programs to match a client’s nutritional requirements. This holistic approach to exercise is a proven strategy to achieve good health.

Narrowing down into the exercise-specific components of Broadview’s Exercise Science program, students also get the opportunity to learn the correct way to collect, organize, and interpret data to aid them I constructing exercise goals to to assist them in monitoring the progress clients are making on various exercise programs. Broadview Exercise Science program graduates know that data is essential, and they are prepared upon graduation to begin implementing data-driven systems that are appropriate for various fitness levels. Their knowledge and ability to adjust assessments in meaningful ways to address any modifications their clients may need to implement to collect useful data to make true changes in the lives of clients.

Another key feature of Broadview’s Exercise Science program is that students are exposed to the essential area of exercise psychology. Leading experts agree that exercise is as much of a psychological act as it is a physical act. The ability of an individual to commit to and maintain adherence to an exercise program sufficient to ensure good health relies heavily on the individual’s ability to make a mental connection to the work they are asking their bodies to do and the benefits their body will gain from that work. Humans are hard wired to resist activity and unnecessary calorie burn, so when so many individuals are working desk jobs, and their bodies are naturally at rest, the body and mind can work together to convince that person that the effort needed to put their body in motion is not worth the payoff. Learning strategies to overcome this outdated evolutionary tool is one reason Broadview’s Exercise Science graduates achieve success following graduation. Specifically, Broadview’s Exercise Science graduates are prepared for for employment as managers, personal trainers and consultants, working in public, private and government settings including health clubs, commercial fitness centers, corporate fitness/wellness centers, university wellness/adult fitness centers, municipal/city recreation/family centers and worksite health-promotion organizations

With knowledge that many graduates may work exclusively in the area of personal training, or may offer personal training services as a supplement to their regular income, Broadview’s Exercise Science program ensures that graduates are prepared to be successful in marketing their services. Courses are designed to teach Broadview’s Exercise Science students how to integrate web-based marketing tools to enhance communication with potential clients and how to use these tools to increase the loyalty of existing clients; how to increase sales using proven techniques; and how to improve the effectiveness of fitness programs they may design and offer to the public. Broadview even offers a course in Small Business Management for students enrolled in the Exercise Science program so that students are prepared to take on the office-related tasks of managing a personal training business.

With so many amazing features designed to ensure that you are prepared for success as a graduate of Broadview’s Exercise Science program, it is hard to imagine a better online degree program. Call Broadview University for more information on the Exercise Science program or for information about how to enroll.

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