The Value of Work Experience

Published on March 21, 2017 by arothstein

Years of experience. Recognized as a leader in your field. Exceptional professional reputation. If these phrases can be used to describe your current professional standing, you are likely hesitant to seek out your MBA or another graduate professional degree. However, even the most stellar reputation can be greatly enhanced by adding a respected, professional credential to your resume. Education is important, and as the job market becomes more and more competitive, it is essential to show your dedication and passion for your chosen profession.

Instead of hesitancy about enrolling in a graduate program, you should feel excitement! With Broadview University’s exceptional program geared towards professional learners and those with career experience, you can complete a graduate degree in as little as 18 months. In time for your next annual professional conference, you can be just courses away from obtaining the same credentials of those presenting and be filled with cutting-edge knowledge that makes you a triple threat of experience, expertise, and passion.

Even if you have never considered enrolling in a graduate degree program, you will be thrilled to learn that Broadview University values and respects the experience that you have gained in your professional career. Whether you have worked in industry, business, the military, or another professional or service occupation, Broadview University recognizes that you have developed skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting. In order to acknowledge the time and hands-on learning that you have obtained in your given field through the years, Broadview University offers course credit for verifiable experiences that show you have gained substantial learning benefits. These work experience credits can be used to fulfil the required hours needed to obtain your degree and can get you from enrolled to degree much quicker than starting a program from scratch.

If you have work experience that provided you with the opportunity to gain occupational, supervisory, or management skills, contact Broadview University today so that a free analysis can be conducted of your specific job history to identify the possible work experience credits that you could obtain before you even enroll. Broadview University’s Academic Services Department will work closely with qualified faculty of each department to audit your experience and provide you with course credit for those rigorous work experiences that have allowed you to master various concepts that are part of the Broadview University course curriculum. These work experience credits you earn are designated as such on your academic transcript, do not factor into your GPA, and serve to help you reach the required number of credit hours for your degree program quickly and efficiently so you can return your focus to your career with a new perspective having obtained a greater level of learning and understanding of your field through Broadview University’s graduate program.

To finalize the work experience credit, you may be asked to provide documentation including, but not limited to, job assignment descriptions, performance reports, and/or supervisor letters attesting to the dates of employment, assignments, specific duties, and quality of work performed. If your initial work experience assessment gets you excited about the prospect of enrolling, you can work closely with your Broadview University admissions counselor to identify exactly what documentation you should submit to finalize your credits. Even part-time work experience can be considered for credit, so do not be discouraged if some of your most intensive work experiences were earned in part-time positions.  

In addition to the work experience credit benefits your professional career can bring to your graduate program experience, your work experience will provide you with a unique perspective as you access the curriculum. Depending on the program in which you enroll, you will have the opportunity to take courses on everything from Customer Service Strategies to Application of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. There is no doubt that your professional work experience will affect the way that you participate and learn in these courses. You experience will be highly valued by your professors and other learners enrolled in these courses that have not had the opportunity to gain your level of experience or who have worked in a different field. The rewarding feeling you will get from your contributions to your own learning and the learning of others is unparalleled.

Broadview University’s goal to have each graduate prepared to immediately enter into and have a positive impact on his or her chosen field is reflected in its decision to have students in virtually every degree program enroll in Case Study courses. These courses use real-world scenarios to allow students to learn and apply the abstract concepts to which they are being exposed. If you are a business professional, for example, your own experiences with litigation in the business context will provide you with a unique insight that will be invaluable in a Case Study course such as Case Study in Business Ethics and Law. You will have information from your own experiences to contribute to class discussions, and you will have a personal context from which to draw from when you are learning about the various approaches to each real-world problem. Your work experience will have prepared you to be a better student.

Often, individuals returning to school after spending time immersed in a professional career feel as if they are at a disadvantage to other students. Broadview University recognizes that this belief could not be further from the truth. Actually, those students who have extensive professional experience or military experience are an unparalleled asset to the courses in which they are enrolled. One reason that Broadview University is committed to assisting enrollees with these life experiences is because it recognizes the value they bring to each class cohort. Broadview University understands and respects your perspective, and it has extensive experience in ensuring that your degree program is useful for you as an individual and helps you to further your personal career goals. Forget a one-size-fits-all approach. Broadview University is prepared to meet you where you are, to help you recognize the value of your professional experience, and to help you meet your career goals through attainment of your degree.

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