Customize Your Own Online MBA Program!

Published on March 28, 2017 by arothstein

Stop suffering through the day to day grind just getting by, going to a job that you do not enjoy, knowing that there is more out there! It is easier than you can ever imagine to achieve your greatest potential. Set free the successful entrepreneur and business leader you have inside. Empower yourself to achieve your career goals by obtaining your Master in Business Administration. With Broadview University’s personalized, customizable online MBA program, you can be an MBA graduate in as few as 18 months. Intensive work or military experience can lessen your degree completion time even further with Broadview’s work experience credit program which provides you with course credit for the learning that you have obtained in the real world.

An MBA degree has the power help you gain the professional respect and recognition you deserve and will prepare you for management and entrepreneurial opportunities you may have been shut out of in the past. As a student in Broadview’s online MBA program, you will work with industry leaders serving as your professors who will help you to gain a new in-depth understanding of the business industry. Whether you take classes on a full or part time basis, you will receive individual attention from professors that want you to succeed and who are invested in helping you become an esteemed member of the next generation of business leaders. Having served in executive positions in various large, highly successful companies, your professors will have an abundance of real-world experience that they will skillfully use to assist you in applying concepts and understanding the ins and outs of the business world.

If you have a clear career goal, you can work with Broadview admissions and faculty counselors as early as the application process to develop a customized MBA program that provides you with course work and real-world experiences that prepare you to meet the challenges you will have in the work force. The wide variety of courses offered at Broadview makes this customizable program a truly unique and invaluable feature. Some areas in which course work is offered include: Accounting/Finance, Information Management, Management Accountability, Community Responsibility, Operational Analyses, Ethics and Regulation, and Human Resources.

For example, Colby Wilcock, a 2012 MBA graduate, focused his course of study at Broadview on Marketing. He currently runs a marketing firm specialized in web marketing for franchise businesses. His company, 9thRoot, provides design services, development, content marketing, and SEO services. Early this year, the company was able to announce the exponential success of one of its clients, which had achieved a 50% growth rate between 2015 and 2016. A quick glance at the business’ Facebook page shows a staff that is happy to be at work. Colby is quick to contribute his company’s success to the learning he obtained at Broadview. Specifically, he is thankful of the real-world focus of Broadview’s curriculum.

As Colby experienced during his time at Broadview, in Broadview’s degree programs business theory takes a back seat to business reality, and essential theoretical concepts are taught in a way that they are easily applied to real-life scenarios. Even if you have little business experience, Broadview has course offerings with real-world application to ensure that you are provided a strong foundation on which to grow your knowledge of the marketplace. With years of teaching experience, Broadview faculty know how to reach students of all ability and experience levels and how to make learning meaningful for each and every student, each and every day.

Your Broadview MBA will also prepare you for the challenges that you will face in upper level management. The MBA program is focused around the four primary struggles that exist in 21st century business: 1) ensuring fiscal stability; 2) maintaining meaningful communications; 3) upholding legal and governmental regulations; and 4) generating research to develop effective business solutions. With a focus on best practices in management specific to the industry in which you plan to work, you will be prepared to enter into leadership and management positions in biotech, engineering, finance, health care services, information technology, project management, and many others following graduation.

One feature of Broadview’s courses that deserves highlighting is the focus the courses place on the case study method of learning. By learning essential business concepts through the lens of an industry leader, graduates of Broadview’s MBA program learn how to tackle problems in the real world. By learning through the experiences of real companies and the decisions of those individuals that run them, Broadview graduates learn to tackle challenges in a unique and hands-on way. Broadview offers Case Study courses in the following areas: Marketing Management, IT Security Management and Ethics, Business Ethics and the Law, Health Care Ethics, Human Resource Management, Health Care Personnel Management, and IT Personnel management.

Another feature that makes Broadview’s MBA program a perfect choice for working professionals is the flexibility of online coursework. Because the program is designed with professionals in mind, assignments are targeted and deadlines are reasonable to assist students in balancing both their professional and graduate program responsibilities. The ability to take courses online allows you to keep attending classes even if you are traveling out of the country for business, attending an industry conference, or are home with a sick child.

As you decide to take the next step in your career and further your education, opening doors to new and exciting professional opportunities, Broadview University would love to be your partner on this journey. Faculty, staff, and even the other working professionals enrolled in your classes will be tools that can use to help you achieve your educational goals. Instead of dreaming about your MBA for another year, get enrolled now. There is no time like the present, and by this time next year, you could be a mere six months from graduation.

If you are interested in more information on Broadview University’s MBA programs, whether you wish to inquire into customizing your own plan or wish to enroll in one of the concentrations currently offered, namely Accounting or Human Resources, visit our website now or call toll free to learn how you can get started with the admissions process today!

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