The Halfway Point: A Mid-Year Self Check for Online Students

Published on July 12, 2017 by arothstein


Brett Ili, Criminal Justice ’17

Brett Ili, Criminal Justice ’17

A quick glance at a calendar is enough to shock any student who set New Year’s resolutions. In a few months, Halloween items will be hitting store shelves, with Christmas items not far behind. No matter how hard to believe, the calendar year is inching beyond the halfway point.

Have you slipped on your resolutions? You’re in good company. By this point in the year, many students have long abandoned goals they set for themselves in January.

Instead of shrugging your shoulders tossing aside your resolutions till next year, reignite your passion. You still have many more months to achieve goals before the dawning of a new year! But first, to succeed, do a little checking in.

Stress Level and Attitude Check-In

The first area that you should address is your mental and emotional health. Your mental and emotional health are just as important as other health areas. Asking yourself a few simple questions is a great way to check in:

By truly reflecting on your present state, you can identify possible barriers to achieving success in the second half of the calendar year. If your work-school-life balance has gotten off kilter, now is the time to work on reorganizing, re-prioritizing, and restoring a healthy life balance. When you shift your priorities back into the right place, every other task and goal becomes much more achievable.

School Success Check-In

Hand-in-hand with your stress level check-in comes a reflection on your academic success at Broadview University. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses as a student can help you renew your energy and passion. Use your strengths to bolster your weaknesses. Perhaps you are ready to:

Implementing a Stress-Reliever: A Natural Goal Booster

Once you complete your self check-in, implement a personal practice aimed at improving your mental and emotional health. Add an action that is enjoyable and garners positivity within your day.

Little tweaks such as these are stress eliminators and life improvers. They can lighten your emotional load and make room for goal achievement.

Personal Relationship Check-In

Brett Ili, Criminal Justice ’17, and his familyAs a busy student who may even work a full or part-time job, you may have limited time to invest in your personal relationships. Mid-year is a great time to assess the value that various relationships bring to your life.

One step to becoming a productive professional, leader and friend is taking an inventory of your personal relationships. Relationships that take an extensive time investment and cause you grief or hardship might not be worth the stress they cause. It may be time to invest in yourself and establish healthy boundaries.

The converse of this premise is also true. Identify the individuals who add something to your life, such as sincere encouragement and a good listening ear. Reaffirm your dedication to investing time in those people who influence you positively.

Finally, take a look at caregiver relationships. Are you focusing on self-care as much as caring for dependent loved ones? Arrange to take breaks and recognize the good you do in these relationships.

Pull out your calendar and shuffle your priorities to make time for the people who are important to you. Be involved as much as practical. Make time for your family and friends in meaningful ways. These gestures are important to maintain healthy and productive relationships with your friends and family.

Health and Wellness Check-In

Log your meals and beverages for a day. Try to run a quick mile. Reach over and touch your toes. Any of these actions can give you a quick glimpse into areas that may need improvement in your personal wellness.

The busier you are, the easier it is to put off your personal health needs. Getting enough exercise and the proper nutrition, as well as maintaining mobility and flexibility, are all essential components of living a high-quality life. Make a commitment to yourself to truly invest in your wellness.

Perhaps you made health and fitness goals at the beginning of the year. Have you been meeting those commitments? If not, it’s time to assess whether they are realistic and make changes so that you can meet them.

Mid-year is also a great time to schedule doctor, dental and vision appointments. Don’t let your health benefits go to waste! Scheduling now will help you financially as you can ensure that allowable medical expenses are assessed in this insurance year.

You will also benefit physically from routine check-ups. Your doctors will help you evaluate wellness goals based on your current state of health.

Congratulate Yourself

As you engage in these mid-year check-ins, you can also take time out to congratulate yourself on the amazing things you have achieved this year. Have you been working toward your college degree? Pushed yourself forward in your professional life? Become more healthy or improved personal relationships? Acted as caregiver for a family member? You probably don’t spend enough time recognizing all of the outstanding things that make you special. Take a second to pat yourself on the back before forging ahead in your new commitments. You are worth it!

Remember, small steps taken today add up to major results in the future. Tiptoe forward if you must, but keep it moving. Be sure to look back in two weeks to see how far you’ve come!

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