Summer Warrior: Priming Your Mind and Body to Achieve Your Goals

Published on July 19, 2017 by arothstein

Stand up paddle boarding on a quiet sea

Summer provides warm air, long hours of sunshine and endless opportunities for rest, relaxation and revitalization. While the world is in vacation mode, you have access to resources that can provide you with what you need to rev up your body and mind to prepare for enhanced performance the rest of the year. The relaxed schedule, access to fresh produce of all types, and an abundance of outdoor activities can change both your perspectives and habits.

Extra Sunlight, Better You

One way that you can dive into summer and prepare yourself to achieve your goals, is to take advantage of the additional hours of sunlight. Wake with the sun – even on weekends. Learning to wake up early can provide excellent mental and physical benefits. Begin a new routine in the morning. Spend time in meditation or prayer. Go for a short, brisk walk. Cook a healthy breakfast. By adding in these extra productive hours, you can enhance your mood and begin a lifelong habit that is shared by many successful individuals.

Exercise and Energize

Summer also provides the perfect environment for you to get more physically active. The beautiful weather, scenic paths and cooling pools leaves one with little to no excuses to be idle. Whether you walk, jog, dance, run or ride a bike, you’re moving, working muscles, increasing circulation and strengthening yourself in good ways. Swimming is also a good, cool way exercise during the summer. Your body will respond quickly and your energy level will get an enormous boost.

Vacate Work and Take a Vacation

No matter what is going on at work, at school, or in life, there is always time for a vacation. Even a short few hours of enjoyment where you choose not to focus on your to-do list can provide you with a much-needed break. Prioritizing the demands of work and your personal life to include quiet moments of contemplation and relaxation can have countless positive effects on your outlook and moods. Get some cardio going by engaging in a unique experience to build strength and just for the enjoyment factor. Try:

Vacations provide you with time to spend with your family and loved ones. Sometimes relationships suffer amid the hustle and bustle of life. Use summer to reconnect with friends, to spend time with your family and to enjoy building new relationships with people you meet on your summer adventures.

Bountiful Summer, Better You

Summer also provides delicious, healthy food options that increase your wellness and strength. You can find the freshest and most nutritious fruits and vegetables at your local roadside stand or farmer’s market. An influx of essential vitamins and nutrients can make you feel amazing and will boost your immune system. Make eating healthier a priority. Instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t eat, focus on what you heartily enjoy eating during this strength-gathering season.

Summer State of Mind ~ Warrior Mode

With more summer leisure, you can improve your mind and body like a warrior. With focus and a bit of effort, you can begin to access and bring balance to your inner energy through practices like yoga, meditation or positive journaling. Contemplate your future goals and the next logical steps to achieve them. You’ll feel more empowered with a plan in place. Record your strategies. Take charge of your health, mind and body, with the proactive suggestions you’ve researched. Train your mindset to see the big picture, rather than being mired in the details of your busy life.

Take each day as it comes. Find adventure in the ordinary and enjoy the bountiful offerings of summer. You are the change agent of your life!

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