Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills: The Cornerstones of Paralegal Work

Published on August 2, 2017 by arothstein

Paralegal work, which began in the 1960s, has evolved into an extraordinary and in-demand career path. Accomplished paralegals know that their success is built on both critical and analytical thinking.

What Is a Paralegal?

Paralegals work in tandem with licensed lawyers who supervise their work and are held responsible for their professional conduct. As a paralegal, it is your job to provide meaningful and indispensable support to litigators and law offices. You will be responsible for the necessary paperwork and research of legal precedents and be actively involved in investigatory work on all kinds of litigation.

Paralegals can seek certificates and degrees in a variety of programs: two-year associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, or master’s degrees with IT and software training. More class hours of study afford students the opportunity to choose specialties in fields such as business, finance, immigration, real estate, intellectual property management, and corporate contracts.

Paralegals Use Critical and Analytical Thinking in Tandem

As a paralegal, you will learn to habitually think clearly using both critical and analytical thinking processes. Your critical thinking ability allows you to reflect on factual information and use logic to form fair and equitable judgements. Analytical thinking is what you use to collect and evaluate information so you can make well-informed, rational decisions.

Solve Problems Rationally through Critical Thinking

Critical thinking involves analyzing facts clearly and rationally. Critical thinkers are reflective and independent thinkers. Paralegals utilize critical thinking in abundance.

Critical thought processes provide are necessary for day-to-day tasks. In your job as a paralegal, you will think critically as research issues, manage documents and spreadsheets, employ computer technology, craft summations for trials, and master organization. Your paralegal training encourages you to apply critical thinking to:

Make Well-Informed Decisions through Analytical Thinking

To excel in the field of paralegal work, you must employ analytical thinking as well as critical thinking. When you use analytical thinking, you collect information, examine it carefully, resolve problems, and identify unexpected results.

Legal issues are frequently very complex. In order to make them intelligible and find solutions that uphold the law, you must:

Become a Successful Paralegal with an Online Degree from Broadview

Broadview University prepares students for the legal profession by teaching both critical and analytical thinking skills.
At Broadview, you can fit a paralegal degree into your busy life. Attend full time, year round to finish the online Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Paralegal in under two years or the Bachelor of Science in Paralegal in three. Whether you pursue a bachelor’s or associate degree, you’ll be sure to learn to critique and analyze the information around you so that you can succeed in your profession.

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