How to Make More Money in Exercise Science

Published on November 22, 2017 by arothstein

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A degree in exercise science can prepare you to help clients reach personal health and wellness goals. As you explore career options, consider how else you can use your skills, and talents to help you reach your professional goals. If one of your aspirations to boost your earning potential, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Here are a few ways to make more money in exercise science:


Expand Your Role to Grow Your Salary

If you’re presently working for a fitness center or other recreational outlet, see if there are additional responsibilities you could take on. Extra hours and expanded duties could lead to increased earnings. For example, maybe you’re working primarily as a personal trainer, but are also qualified to lead fitness classes; see if you can be added to the schedule. Use your existing relationship to your advantage and talk to HR or even your current supervisor to see how else your skills can benefit the company, while allowing you to earn more.

Along with this, depending on how long you’ve been at your company and current role, it never hurts to talk about how you can advance, such as moving from part-time to full-time, or from an entry-level position to a supervisory one. This initiative lets management know you’ve got ambition and interest, and it can also provide you with actionable steps on how to grow in your career.


Find a Seasonal Gig to Earn Extra Money

If you love working in exercise science because you get to earn a living while staying active, consider using that passion for seasonal work. If you live in an area that has ski resorts, water parks, public beaches or lakes, camps, or other recreational facilities and activities that are only open part of the year, consider a temporary part-time job as an instructor, guide, supervisor, or other position that will allow your skills to shine.


Start a Side Hustle with Your Exercise Science Background

If you’re looking to earn more money and have some extra time and entrepreneurial skills, consider freelancing or starting what’s now commonly called a “side hustle.” First things first: if you’re also working somewhere full time, you’ll want to be sure you’re not violating any company conflict-of-interest policy. The ideas here could be plentiful based on your area of interest. For example, you could offer your own group fitness classes at community centers or other facilities that would not conflict with your primary job. You could also provide one-on-one wellness coaching services to people, either locally or virtually. You could even start your own bootcamp program! You may even find that your side hustle could eventually become a full-time gig.


Take Your Love of Wellness Online

If you’ve also got a creative side, you could use your health knowledge and fitness skills while also taking a bit of a physical break! Content creation could be a fun way to make more money with exercise science. Many fitness websites and companies are looking for paid bloggers, and health publications often seek freelance writers. Along with that, you could also start your own blog or YouTube channel sharing your fitness tips and product recommendations, which could lead to sponsorship or ad revenue. The amount of extra money you can make with these methods will vary and may not be a regular stream of income, but this could be a passive way to earn a little more here and there. Not to mention, you’ll get to build your own brand and credentials, which could help with future employment opportunities.


Explore Health and Wellness Opportunities in Other Industries

Many people who pursue degrees in exercise science are interested in working at fitness centers and health clubs, but have you thought about where else you can go with your knowledge and experience? Many larger companies have in-house health and wellness programs as an employee benefit. These positions and, thus, salary and benefits, will of course vary based on the organization, but check out what may be available near you. Money aside, working in a more corporate environment could come with a different set of perks, such as working regular business hours.

You could also look to the vendors that provide products and services to gyms and fitness centers, such as supplement companies and equipment manufacturers. Your familiarity with what they do may inspire you to seek a position there, perhaps in sales or customer service where you’d still get to be hands-on with people looking to improve their health.


Working in the health and wellness field is rewarding, and it’s also a career path that could pave the way for extra earning potential. Whether it’s getting a raise at your regular job or through freelancing on the side, it is possible to make more money in exercise science.

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