Clinical Manager Shares the Best Qualities of a Medical Assistant

Published on December 4, 2017 by arothstein

Diona is a clinical manager at SSM Health Dean Medical Group where she currently manages internal medicine in pediatrics. Below Diona shares what she looks for when hiring a medical assistant as well as what the externship program looks like at SSM Health Dean Medical Group.

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“We really use our medical assistants to the full level of their licensure and certification. They do a variety of tasks everyday depending on the department in which they work in,” said Diona.

Daily Tasks of a Medical Assistant: 

Qualities of a Medical Assistant:

Why Broadview University for Medical Assisting?

“I have hired Broadview University medical assistants in the past. I find they are very well prepared. We have a strong relationship with them. They take feedback from us in terms of how they can better prepare the students. They have made curriculum adjustments and have also worked with us with externships and job placement, which is a huge positive for a manager,” said Diona.

About SSM’s Medical Assisting Externship:

During the externship, they pair students with a main preceptor, so they have one person who works with them directly. They want to give them a well-rounded view of the healthcare industry so they can learn which areas they would like to eventually go into when they start their job search.

According to Diona, as a manager she does like to hire locally so she has knowledge of the program and externship a student has gone through. She continues by noting that if there are open positions they do like to hire the students directly from their externship.

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