What Do Vet Techs Do? These Five Amazing Jobs May Surprise You

Published on January 22, 2018 by arothstein

You may not realize it, but vet techs are superheroes. Many people don’t know what vet techs do, but they couldn’t live without them. Sure, they assist a veterinarian when you take your pet in for a check up, but they also work in many other exciting fields all around the world. So, what do vet techs do and why is it so important?

1. Take Care of Animals in Zoos

We love seeing animals in zoos. But it’s the vet techs who work at the zoo who keep them happy and healthy. They are the ones who observe the animals, mix their food, and administer medicine. Read more on our blog about the role vet techs play in zoos.

2. Help Farmers Feed America

Vet techs also play an important role on America’s farms. Keeping livestock healthy means more than just a checkup every now and then from a country veterinarian. These days, vet techs are on the  the farm who supervising preventative care of farm animals. If you had eggs for breakfast, you have a vet tech who specialized in avian medicine to thank for it!

3. Rescue Injured Animals

Animal shelters are a sad necessity in major cities today. Too many animals are lost, abandoned, or injured. Vet techs working in urban animal shelters have to deal with a wide variety of animals, including runaway pets and wayward wildlife. The broad training of a vet tech really comes in handy working at an animal shelter.

4. Help Cure Animal and Human Diseases

Biomedical research labs rely on animals, but they also have to follow strict ethical standards in caring for those animals. Curing diseases in humans starts with learning to cure them in animals, and so in every biomedical research lab, you are bound to find vet techs hard at work.

5. Help Save Endangered Species

Conservation biologists do field work all around the world to help save endangered species. Vet techs play an important role here as well. If you want to put a radio collar on a tiger, you need to tranquilize it. And, if you want to tranquilize a wild tiger, you’ll need a team of vet techs to help you do it right. Both your life and the tiger’s life depend on it!

So What Do Vet Techs Do?

Vet techs do a lot of the day-to-day work caring for animals in many different settings. They inspect animals and do triage; they also administer treatments and take x-rays or ultrasounds. And if this sounds like the perfect job for you, you can start a career as a vet tech with just a two year degree from an accredited Veterinary Technology program like the one at Broadview University, right here in Utah.

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