Vet Tech Students Help Animal Shelters Rescue Pets

Published on January 29, 2018 by arothstein

If you want to help animal shelters rescue pets, consider going back to school. Students in the Veterinary Technology program at Broadview University help provide treatment for animals from local shelters so that they can eventually be adopted and find the loving home every pet needs. Watch this video of Broadview University students helping treat rescue animals: if you love animals, then going to school will never be more rewarding than this.

Why Do Animal Shelters Need Vet Techs?

Veterinary technicians play an important role in helping animal shelters rescue pets. When animals come in to shelters, they often come without records. That means that nobody knows what health problems they may have, what vaccinations they need, and how well socialized they are to interact with humans. That’s where the vet techs take over.

One of the key jobs a vet tech does is observe and examine animals to help veterinarians diagnose problems. They also administer vaccines and other necessary medicines to keep the animals healthy. Most importantly, because many animals that come in to shelters have been rescued from sad situations, the vet techs can help socialize the animal so they won’t be afraid of people or animals.

And while the vet techs do spend plenty of time helping animals, they also help the owners. They help people who come to the shelter pick the right pet for them, and also give them information on how to take care of the pet they adopt.

What Do Students Learn at Broadview University?

At Broadview University, future vet techs learn all these skills and more. This starts with instruction from experienced veterinarians and is followed by practice working on living animals including farm animals and, of course, animals rescued from local animal shelters. When an animal arrives at one of the local shelters, it can come to stay at Broadview University for a week. The animal receives its initial medical examination and treatment so that it can return to the shelter ready for adoption.

Students earning an associate degree in veterinary technology will also get to practice using advanced technology, making x-rays and ultrasounds. And it doesn’t stop with animals: the students will learn to explain preventative care practices to clients, including pet owners and farmers.

Come Back to School, and Help Animal Shelters Rescue Pets

So, if you want to help animal shelters rescue pets, it might be time to come back to school. Your passion for animals can turn in to a rewarding career with one simple degree. It only takes two years to earn an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology at Broadview University accredited veterinary technology program, and then you’ll be ready to start working with pets at animal shelters and veterinary clinics across the country.

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