How can you help save endangered species? Become a Vet Tech

Published on January 31, 2018 by arothstein

Everyday we hear about another endangered species on the brink of vanishing. You care. You want to do more than just donate money. You want to get out there and make a difference, but how can you help? Simple: become a vet tech. Vet techs are key working around the world to help save endangered species. If this sounds like your dream job, you’ll need a degree. But if you think that’s out of your reach, you might be surprised to find out it only takes two years to earn an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Broadview University.

How Do Vet Techs Help Save Endangered Species?

Conservation groups depend on vet techs to do their fieldwork. Vet techs are experts in administering medicines to animals. Whether it is vaccinating them against diseases or sedating them so they can be inspected, vet techs make sure that endangered species get the medicine they need, safely. Vet techs are also experts at preventative care. To help save endangered species, special care needs to be taken for animals that are going to be re-released into the wild. To make sure they learn to care for themselves without becoming dependent on humans, vet techs have to resort to a variety of creative methods to teach the endangered animals they care for, such as wearing giant costumes. On the front lines of the battle to keep endangered species healthy and thriving in the wild, there’s always going to be vet techs doing important, hands-on work.

How Can I Become A Vet Tech?

If this sounds like your dream job, but you think you could never do it, you’ll be surprised to find out how easy it is to become a vet tech. It only takes two years of school to learn what you need to know to help save endangered species. You can an an associates degree from an accredited Veterinary Technology Program like the one at Broadview University. While you are studying, you will learn important things, like how to evaluate an animal’s health by observing it, and how to use the latest technology to help care for animals. You will want to specialize in Exotic Animals, which includes wildlife and animals at zoos.

After you get your degree, you’ll need to get practice, and you can start by working in a veterinary clinic or at a zoo. Once you have an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology, there are many specialized training courses you can take to work with wildlife. And don’t forget to renew your passport, because becoming a vet tech will be your ticket to adventure around the world!

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